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JFMM Forms - QA Forms (Editable)

QA form 1  - Material Receipt Control Record

QA form 2 - Material ID/Control Tag

QA form 3 - Controlled Material Reject Tag

QA form 9 - Maintenance Certification Record/Re-Entry Control

QA form 10 - Maintenance Certification Record/Re-Entry Control Supplement Sheet

QA form 11 - Controlled Work Package/Re-Entry Control Log

QA form 11A - REC/MCR Exception Controlled Assembly Log

QA form 12 - Departure From Specification Request

QA form 12A - Departure Clearance Report

QA form 14 - Surveillance/Monitoring/Audit Discrepancy Record

QA form 17 - Test and Inspection Record

QA form 17A - Epoxy Repair Record

QA form 17B - Electroplating Repair Record

QA form 17C - Component Repair/Modification Record

QA form 17D - SFCC Access, Removal and Installation Record

QA form 17SI- Stud Installation Record

QA form 17W - Handling Equipment Test Record

QA form 18 - SilBraze Inspection Record

QA form 18A - Ultrasonic Inspection Record

QA form 20 - Welding In Process Control/Nondestructive Test Record

QA form 20A - Radiographic Test Inspection Record

QA form 20B Part A - Structural Primary Record

QA form 20B Part B - Structural Weld History

QA form 20B Part C - Structural Defect Record

QA form 20C - Pipe, Machinery and Pressure Vessels Welding Detail/Nondestructive

QA form 26 - Hydrostatic/Pneumatic Test Record

QA form 26A - Hydrostatic/Pneumatic Test Record for Deep Submergence Systems

QA form 27 - Drop Test Record

QA form 27A - Drop Test Record for Deep Submergence Systems

QA form 28 - Shop Test Record

QA form 34 - Joint Torque/Controlled Assembly Record

QA form 34A -Joint/Component Assembly Record

QA form 34B -Electrical/Electronic Cable Connector Assembly and Test Record

QA form 35 - Thickness Measurement Record

Ship to Shop TAG MAT 1