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Quality and Mission Assurance: The Acquisition and Readiness Assessment (AR) Department serves as the Navy’s Independent Assessment agent to assure disciplined application of systems engineering, risk management, quality, and management principles for development, production, and sustainment of defense systems. This is accomplished through the development of quality and mission assurance requirements, assessment of contractors and government activities, and technical assistance/training to ensure quality and mission assurance programs are in place and effective.

Readiness Assessment: The AR department serves as the Navy’s assessment agent for material readiness to sustain and improve the warfighting capability of the Fleet. This is accomplished by working collaboratively with a broad spectrum of Navy and DoD programs, Fleet commands, warfare centers, contractors, and others to deliver readiness assessment products and diagnostic information necessary to manage readiness of in-service ships, ship systems, and weapons. The primary goals are to provide authoritative metrics based on proven criteria and methodology as the foundation for the objective measurement of Fleet material readiness, characterize factors that limit combat readiness, validate effectiveness of actions to improve readiness, and support the suitability assessment of new and updated systems. The empirical data on in-service readiness maintained by the department is used by Navy program managers in evaluating the requirements, design, and analysis of alternatives for new systems. Additionally the department manages and operates the Government-Industry Data Exchange Program (GIDEP), the Trouble Failure Report (TFR) Program for strategic programs, and the Sunset Supply Base (SSB) Program for managing commercial item obsolescence.

Core Functions

  • Quality and Mission Assurance evaluations, technical assists, training, and risk assessments of development and production programs
  • Development of quality, reliability, and mission assurance policies, requirements, and guidance
  • Independent Logistics Assessments
  • Material readiness assessment of platforms and Combat/C4I/HM&E Systems including predictive analysis in support of Navy modernization and sustainment
  • Weapons reliability, maintainability, suitability, and stockpile assessment and surveillance
  • Warfare Enterprise metrics and analysis initiatives, such as: Troubled Systems Process, Readiness Kill Chain, and ship availability drivers
  • Collection, validation, and management of readiness lifecycle source data
  • Development, operation, technical support, and management of integrated information systems to support material readiness assessment, data exchange programs and commercial item obsolescence management

Major Programs and Systems

  • Material Readiness Assessment business intelligence system
  • Navy Material Readiness Database
  • Navy Troubled Systems Process
  • Casualty Report Information System
  • Navy Surface Missile Systems Maintenance Data System
  • Surface Missiles Engineering Production System
  • Government Industry Data Exchange Program (GIDEP) Operations Center
  • Strategic Systems Trouble and Failure Report (TFR) System
  • Strategic Systems Programs Technical Program Management Assessment program
  • Sunset Supply Base program
  • DODIG technical assessment program
  • Missile Defense Agency Quality and Mission Assurance Assessment Program


  • NAVSEA and Affiliated PEOs
  • SPAWAR and Affiliated PEOs
  • Strategic Systems Programs
  • SEA 21 Surface Warfare
  • Fleet Type Commands
  • Defense Logistics Agency
  • Missile Defense Agency
  • Coast Guard
  • Department of Defense Inspector General
  • NASA
  • Department of Energy

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