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Business Management

SUPSALV's unique financial and contractual requirements are handled by the Management Support Division. It prepares and tracks financial and contractual documents, provides logistic support, and prepares operating budgets. It has three branches:


The Financial branch is responsible for all budgetary and financial management functions for SEA 00C appropriated funds. Responsibilities include formulation, presentation, and execution of funds. The Branch is also responsible for the execution of customer funding. Responsibilities include receiving, obligating, tracking, deobligating, and returning unused operational funds.


The Procurement branch is responsible for managing numerous contracts including cost-plus-award-fee, indefinite-quantity emergency response vehicles. These contracts support salvage, diving, hull cleaning, undersea operations, oil pollution and hazmat response, and search and recovery. Current SEA 00C contracts include:
  • The Emergency Ship Salvage Material (ESSM) Contract;
  • The Oil Pollution Abatement Contract;
  • The Hull Cleaning Services Contract;
  • The Western Pacific Salvage Contract, which includes all salvage tasking in the Western Pacific Region;
  • The West Coast Salvage Contract, which includes all salvage tasks from the Western Coast of the United States out to the International Date Line;
  • The East Coast Salvage Contract, which includes all salvage tasks on the Eastern Coast of the United States, North and South Atlantic Oceans, and the Mediterranean Sea;
  • The Undersea Operations Contract; and The Diving Services Contract.