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NSWC PHD strongly encourages its employees to develop their careers by utilizing all available training and educational opportunities. Employee development is a key factor in the effectiveness of NSWC PHD’s mission of supporting the surface fleet. We develop our people through formal and informal training including Master’s Degree programs, developmental and rotational assignments, certification programs, on-the-job training, and management succession programs.

We have teamed with the Naval Post Graduate School in Monterey, California to institute a Master of Science in Systems Engineering for employees to develop their higher-level systems engineering skills. Also, our Pre-Supervisor Development Program and Management Succession Program engages our employees, draws on existing abilities, builds on talents, and develops the future leaders of the command.

We are in close proximity to many area colleges and universities for employees to further their studies. Nine colleges and universities are within an hour’s drive of NSWC PHD in Port Hueneme.


For more information, please view page 16 of the Employer of Choice Brochure.

NSWC PHD Career Opportunities