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Our Mission

NAVSEA's Technical Agent for cost-effective, life-cycle Logistics, Engineering, Information Technology, and maintenance support solutions.

Our Vision

To be the trusted enterprise partner for Logistics, Engineering, and Information Technology solutions that deliver the mission readiness needed to sustain the fight.

Core Values

As NAVSEALOGCEN employees, we strive to embody the Navy’s Core Values of Honor, Courage, and Commitment in everything we do. We are honorable in all our actions. We are courageous in ensuring we always do the right thing. We are committed to our customers and each other.

Guiding Principles

We prize leadership as the foundation of our success, and we will build on that foundation. NAVSEALOGCEN leaders will uphold the highest standards of leadership. As colleagues in service, we are bound by a voluntary covenant to our country, to our Navy’s Sailors, and to each other, up and down the chain of command. As part of that covenant, leaders promise respect, clear direction, meaningful work and the tools and training to do that work, recognition for a job well done, and opportunity for personal and professional growth. The measure of our leadership is the extent to which we fulfill this promise.             

The measure of all NAVSEALOGCEN employees is how closely we adhere to the following guiding principles as we strive together to meet the command’s Mission and Vision:                    

  • Customer Service: We deliver quality products and services that exceed our customers' expectations...the Navy’s Sailors are our ultimate customers.
  • Respect and Integrity: We are open, honest, and fair...we take full responsibility for our actions.
  • Organizational Support: We are committed to each other...our development, involvement, and recognition…to promote teamwork and organizational pride.
  • Innovation: We continually explore new ideas and methods to increase our efficiency, speed, and effectiveness.
  • Community Support: We actively support the communities in which we work and live.