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SUPSALV'S Diving Program Division is the U.S. Navy and DoD diving technical authority. This division:

  • Provides cradle-to-grave service for diving equipment, policies, and procedures from basic research through prototype development, acquisition/publication, and life-cycle management.
  • Tests and evaluates prototype and COTS/NDI equipment. Maintains Diving Equipment Authorized for Navy Use (ANU). This lists diving equipment, tools, and accessories which have undergone design safety reviews, testing and evaluation to ensure diver safety and acceptability.
  • Oversees the acquisition of initial Fleet outfitting and life-cycle management of equipment, technical manuals, instructions, and PMS.
  • Provides direct Fleet support for technical issues which includes Diving Advisories, Diver's ANU Feedback Form, and Support Contacts. These elements can be reached through the home page link to the Secure Supsalv web site (Requires DoD PKI certificate).

Multinational Guide to Diving Operations

OPNAVINST 3150.27 instructs units that prior to conducting diving exercises with NATO or allied countries, the OIC shall review NATO ADivP-1(A)/MdivP-1(A), Multinational guide to Diving Operations. This publication is available by using the search engine on the NATO Standardization Agency website http://nso.nato.int/nso/.

In order to access the website users will have to follow the 'Request Access' link in order to gain a password (this procedure usually takes approximately 2 days). Each command is encouraged to maintain at least one user with access to the site to enable the download of NATO publications as required.

Testing and Evaluation

Diving Program engineers and divers define the performance criteria and specifications to meet Fleet initiated requirements. They use a variety of Naval facilities to develop prototype equipment and procedures. Prototype R&D equipment and procedures and COTS/NDI commercial equipment are tested and evaluated for their applicability to meeting Fleet requirements. The Diving Program also provides testing and evaluation services for Technical Feedback Reports, Failure Analysis Reports, Mishap Investigation Reports, and Judge Advocate General investigations concerning diving equipment and procedures.

Equipment Acquisition

This division is responsible for the acquisition of diving equipment for initial Fleet outfitting. It develops and maintains the technical manuals, PMS, and logistical support documentation for diving equipment.

Fleet Support

The Diving Program provides direct Fleet support by serving as the In-Service Engineering Agent for diving equipment, performing DIVEALTS, providing 24-hour emergency diving accident management (through NEDU), and Reserve Diving and fleet maintenance support at ESSM CAX and diving maintenance fleet support at ESSM pearl Harbor.

Information Exchange

Finally, the Diving Program Division serves as a point of contact for information exchange with other DoD agencies, foreign military, commercial manufacturers, and diving contractors.

Technical Publications

This division is also responsible for publishing the U.S. Navy Diving Manual, Diving Advisory Messages, and several other diving-related technical manuals and instructions. Technical documentation developed by 00C3 supporting the U.S. Navy Diving Program can be found on our Diving Publications & Technical Documentation page.