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Celebrating a Century of Technical Excellence in Supporting the Warfighter

With a proud history spanning over 100 years, Keyport provides technical leadership, engineering expertise, and unique facility complexes that serve to ensure sustainment of undersea warfare (USW) superiority for the United States.  As one of two divisions of the Naval Undersea Warfare Center, Keyport’s mission is focused on developing and applying advanced technical capabilities to test, evaluate, field, and maintain undersea warfare systems and related defense assets.  These advanced technical capabilities directly support the full spectrum of Navy undersea programs.

Keyport’s primary site is located in the state of Washington on the Puget Sound, about 10 miles west of the city of Seattle and just north of the city of Bremerton.  To provide ready support to Fleet operational forces at all major Navy home ports in the Pacific, Keyport also maintains detachments in Southern California and Hawaii, and an operating site in Guam, and an office in Japan.  An operating site in Hawthorne, Nevada is used for storage and maintenance of undersea mines.  Naval Sea Logistics Center, an echelon five command under Keyport, is located in Pennsylvania and has satellite offices mostly on the East Coast.  In addition, Keyport has a presence in Canada in partnership with the Royal Canadian Navy for undersea range operations.  Our people frequently travel around the world to support the U.S. Fleet and Allied militaries.

Keyport’s technical complexes are recognized national assets and include over 2.3 million square feet of specialized technical facilities and nearly 2000 square nautical miles of undersea ranges.  Our highly trained and diverse workforce of engineers, scientists, technicians, and industrial craftsmen are developing, maintaining and providing technical solutions to meet Fleet material and operational readiness needs.  As a part of NAVSEA’s world class team of professionals, we are a responsive, effective, and efficient provider to the Navy.

America’s Navy undersea superiority is our priority!