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Norfolk Naval Shipyard is home to one of the largest concentrations of engineers on the east coast.  The engineers at the shipyard develop plans and technical specifications to maintain, repair and upgrade nuclear and conventionally powered naval ships.  The shipyard wants engineers from many disciplines and fields.  Minimum requirements for an engineering position at Norfolk Naval Shipyard are a degree from an accredited ABET institution and U.S. citizenship.  In many cases a particular engineering degree will qualify an individual for a number of positions at the shipyard.  For example, a mechanical engineering degree may qualify an individual for jobs in the field of nuclear engineering, combat systems engineering or facilities engineering.  A degree in civil engineering may qualify an individual for jobs in nuclear engineering, naval architecture or crane engineering.

Norfolk Naval Shipyard currently has entry-level opportunities for new graduates with the following engineering degrees: Civil, Electrical, Electronic, Environmental, Industrial, Material, Marine, Mechanical, Naval Architecture, Nuclear, Ocean, Safety, Structural, and Welding. For more information, e-mail us.

Engineering Departments & Recruitment Schedule

Norfolk Naval Shipyard has openings for engineers from most of the major disciplines. Information about each of the departments with current openings are available by clicking on the respective department name below. Additional information may be obtained by reviewing the other links on this page or via the email address below.

Norfolk Naval Shipyard Engineer Recruiting and New Hire Coordinator 

Norfolk Naval Shipyard

Code 2301, Bldg. 1575-2

Portsmouth, VA 23709-5000

Code 100PI – Process Improvement Department

Code 105 – 
Radiological Control Office

Code 106 –
Occupational Safety, Health and Environmental Office

Code 130 – Quality Assurance Department

Code 138 - Welding Engineering Division

Code 200 –
Engineering and Planning Department

Code 700 – Lifting and Handling Department

Code 980 – Production Facility and Equipment Management Division

Code 2300 –
Nuclear Engineering and Planning Department


The Pathways Internship Program has existed for a long time at Norfolk Naval Shipyard. The blend of academic study and work experience available through the program has many potential benefits. Norfolk Naval Shipyard has openings for college students majoring in engineering. Norfolk Naval Shipyard provides on-the-job training and strongly encourages their employees to expand themselves by using all training opportunities. For more information on the program, Click Here.



Norfolk Naval Shipyard offers excellent benefits and opportunities. Some of these include those listed below.

  • Job Stability: Norfolk Naval Shipyard is the East Coast’s largest federal facility for ship, aircraft carrier, and submarine overhauls, maintenance and modernization. Norfolk Naval Shipyard supports the largest concentration of Fleet ships in the world.
  • Promotion Opportunities: Engineers are promoted in a timely manner and are appropriately rewarded for good performance with incentives and permanent pay increases. 
  • Insurance: Norfolk Naval Shipyard participates in comprehensive group life and health insurance programs with a wide variety of options that greatly reduce out-of-pocket expenses.
  • Leave: In addition to 10 paid federal holidays, new employees earn 13 vacation days a year which increases to 20 days after three years and to 26 days after fifteen years. Also, employees earn thirteen sick days per year.
  • Retirement: New employees are automatically covered by the Federal Employee Retirement System (FERS). FERS participants may contribute any dollar amount of percentage (1 to 100) of their basic pay. However, your annual dollar amount cannot exceed the Internal Revenue Code. The Government automatically contributes 1 percent to your Thrift Savings Program (TSP) account and will further match participant contributions up to 4 percent of your basic salary, bringing the maximum Government contribution to 5%. 
  • Career Mobility: Career opportunities exist around the globe for employees of Norfolk Naval Shipyard.


When positions are available, jobs are announced through the Office of Personal Management. Locate the job announcement then follow the directions for applying. You may submit your resume online through USA Jobs.