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The Research, Development, Test and Evaluation (RDT&E) Department provides RDT&E of energetic materials; chemical, biological, radiological defeat and defense systems; and technologies to evaluate energetic materials and ordnance. The department also provides the scientific foundation needed to determine the behavior and suitability of energetic materials for ordnance applications.

CapabilitiesA technician prepares a Tomahawk missile for functional ground testing

  • Novel molecule synthesis to small-scale formulations
  • Characterization of energetic materials
  • Shock and detonation physics and reaction dynamics
  • Explosive and propellant formulations, insensitive munitions
  • Characterization of energetic materials
  • Advanced diagnostics data analysis tools and software

Primary Products

  • Energetic materials R&D
  • Technology development and transition
  • Advanced energetic materials for use in insensitive munitions, thermobaric weapons, and other applications
  • Test and evaluation technology development for energetic materials and ordnanc
  • Materials characterization
  • Explosives detection technology
  • Functional ground test