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In this section, various activities will find discussion on their ability to obtain use of the ESSM Salvage, Ocean Engineering and Pollution control equipment. They can also review the procedures and funding requirements associated with each type of outside activity.


As stated earlier, ESSM equipment is available to various requesting agencies. Procedure associated with principal requesting activities is summarized below.


When additional or specialized equipment is required, fleet forces request ESSM augmentation directly from the Supervisor of Salvage (Operations Branch) for all categories of equipment.

Equipment requests should be initiated from SUPSALV's CAC enabled website -
https://secure.supsalv.org. The ESSM Equipment Request link can be found on the left side menu.

If commands are unable to access the CAC enabled site, they may use the following PDF. (preferred method) or by naval message, official e-mail, or by FAX using sample format provided below. Additional U.S. Navy guidance is available on the instructions section of the 00C2 Salvage Publications section of SUPSALV's CAC enabled web site.

Requests should be forwarded to:
Email: essmmanager@supsalv.org
Phone: 202 781-1731 extension 2, or
Fax: 202 781-4588

Navy Request for ESSM Equipment - Required Content

To: Naval Sea Systems Command (SEA00C) (

  1. Requesting Activity:
  2. Equipment Required:
  3. Justification for Request:
  4. Required Delivery Date:
  5. Anticipated Return Date:
  6. Shipping Instructions:
  7. Provide Shipping TAC or TCN number or appropriate line of accounting.
  8. Provide appropriate line of accounting to cover repair or replacement of lost or damaged equipment/components.
  9. Requestor, Technical P.O.C. Name: Command: Title: Telephone: Fax: Email:
  10. Financial P.O.C. Name: Command: Title: Telephone: Fax: Email:
  11. Additional Information:



The Supervisor of Salvage (SUPSALV) is listed as a "Special Team" in the National Oil and Hazardous Substances Pollution Contingency Plan. As such, SUPSALV resources, including ESSM equipment are available to U.S. Coast Guard and Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Federal On Scene Coordinators (OSCs). In addition, a long-standing USN-USCG Interagency Agreement facilitates support between Navy and USCG for all marine salvage and pollution incidents.

            Sample U.S. Coast Guard Requesting Message


SUPSALV also routinely responds to requests for ESSM salvage and pollution control equipment from other DoD commands and other federal agencies. Official requests from Federal agencies and other than Navy DoD component commands should be directed to the Chief of Naval Operations (CNO) N311 - Phone Number (703) 692-1852/1859. We suggest the requesting party contact the SUPSALV Operations division day or night to facilitate the routing of official requests and funding documentation, and to ensure rapid mobilization of appropriate support.

Non DoD Government Activities should make requests for ESSM material
IAW OPNAV Salvage Instructions (OPNAVINST 4740.2g).


All requests for assistance from foreign governments, including ESSM requests, must be made via the U.S. State Department. SUPSALV may be contacted directly to facilitate the official request via the appropriate channels.


Pollution control assistance to commercial interests in U.S. waters is typically provided through, and in support of, the U.S. Coast Guard or EPA Federal On Scene Coordinator (OSC). ESSM Ship salvage and ocean engineering materials can be made available to commercial contractors through direct leasing agreements with the Supervisor of Salvage. These agreements must be preceded by the contractor's certification that comparable equipment is not reasonably available from commercial sources.


Upon request, Supervisor of Salvage can provide specific funding information and instruction to all requesting activities.

As a rule, ESSM pollution response equipment is provided to requesting agencies only with SUPSALV contractor operators and supervisory personnel. ESSM salvage and ocean engineering equipment may be provided without operators or SUPSALV may direct that one or more ESSM contractor technical specialists accompany the equipment to ensure proper equipment operation and maintenance on scene. All Navy activities, other Department of Defense (DoD) organizations and other federal agencies will be required to reimburse SUPSALV "out-of-pocket" costs (all costs above and beyond that required for normal ESSM operations and equipment maintenance, including equipment mobilization, shipping, refurbishment, and SUPSALV contractor personnel costs). Non-Navy federal customers may also be required to reimburse SUPSALV administrative costs for large-scale operations requiring significant SUPSALV personnel involvement. In addition to the above SUPSALV "out-of-pocket" costs, ESSM equipment rental rates will be charged for operations supporting commercial parties, including those private party response operations under the coordination or direction of the USCG or EPA OSC.

Naval activities requesting services should provide NAVSEA 00C with a NavCompt Form 2276, Request for Contractual Procurement, in accordance with NAVSEAINST 7300.4 and Navy Comptroller Manual paragraphs 035450-035452.


When ESSM resources are officially requested, the requesting party should have their funding personnel contact SUPSALV financial specialists to coordinate the transmission of the appropriate funding document. SUPSALV Financial Branch staff can be reached during normal office hours at (202) 781-1731, Extension 1.