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Tell me about the Science Show

The STEM Outreach Show is an non-profit outreach program aimed at getting elementary school students interested in STEM (Science Technology Engineering Mathematics) activities. The program centers around the dynamics of a group of friends, who specialize in different fields, arguing over whose science is ‘cooler’. The result is a fun and wacky trip exploring different premises in science; light, sound, energy; with examples and demonstrations from the realms of chemistry, physics, and electricity.

The program is based out of the Naval Surface Warfare Center Panama City Division (NSWC PCD). The program is free for schools and last about 50 minutes. All Bay County Schools are encouraged to schedule a show. Schools in nearby areas up to a 90 minute drive from the Navy Base can also request a show.

History of The Program

The program is a rebirth of an old show called “Doctor Science” featuring a main character, Doctor Science, and his side-kick, Mr. Gallagher. The program ran for many years in the 90s before shutting down. The following video is some clips from the old show:

Navy Science Squad


Fast Forward to Today…

In 2011, the program was revived as the ‘Science Brothers,’ picking up where the first show left off with the two sons of Doctor Science competing over who’s field is ‘cooler’ to the kids. As the show has changed and the cast members have expanded over the last decade, we figured it was time for a new name. No matter what the program name is, the heart of the show still remains the same. We have a passion for instilling in kids that the wonderful things in our world are not magic, but science!