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NSWC Philadelphia Division's Mission

Provide research, development, test and evaluation, acquisition support, engineering, systems integration, in-service engineering and fleet support with cyber-security, comprehensive logistics, and life-cycle savings through commonality for surface and undersea vehicle machinery, ship systems, equipment and material and to execute other responsibilities as assigned by Commander, Naval Surface Warfare Center (COMNAVSURFWARCEN).

Machinery Programs & Platforms Department: Addresses technical program management, platform management and financial management, customer interface, business development, test facility safety, propulsion test site operation, industrial support and Fleet modernization.

Machinery Research, Logistics and Ship Integrity Department: Responsible for all Integrated Logistics Support (ILS), which includes Planned Maintenance System (PMS), Engineering Operational Sequencing System (EOSS), training, commonality, obsolescence, provisioning and all machinery research and development.

Propulsion, Power and Auxiliary Machinery Systems Department: Handles auxiliary systems including auxiliary machinery, fluid systems and auxiliary system controls. It is responsible for conventional steam propulsion and steam machinery and systems. In addition, other key areas are electrical distribution systems and associated equipment, propulsion machinery including gas turbines and diesels, and Main Reduction Gears (MRG) as well as shafting. The department also takes care of habitability, hull and deck machinery, weapons elevators and cranes.

Cybersecure Machinery Controls Systems & Networks Department: Incorporates the new NSWCPD mission related to machinery control systems and cybersecurity. Supporting this new focus area is in addition to the department filling its usual roles encompassing machinery control systems, data acquisition systems, condition based maintenance, shipboard instrumentation, sensors, navigation system, integrated bridge and steering.

Environmental: NSWCPD is committed to being a good steward of the environment and incorporates environmental compliance as well as pollution prevention into all aspects of our business, including planning, operating decisions, and training. We promote environmental responsibility and communicate environmental protection principles to all NSWCPD employees.

Safety: NSWCPD’s goal is to incorporate safety and health principles into every aspect of the workplace. Identifying/assessing potential hazards, following approved operating procedures, conducting appropriate training, and providing essential controls and equipment to do the job safely are part of everyday activities rather than a reaction to incidents or mishaps. The most important element of our safety program is the awareness of, concern for, and involvement in safety and health issues by all personnel.