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The Emergency Ship Salvage Material (ESSM) system consists of a worldwide network of warehouses wherein the Operations Division stores and maintains a significant stockpile of salvage and oil pollution abatement equipment. The two main warehouses are located in Williamsburg, VA and Port Hueneme, CA. The others are strategically located throughout the Pacific and Atlantic oceans, the Mediterranean Sea, and the Arabian Gulf.

Emergency Ship Salvage Material Home Page

DoD CAC holders can access the ESSM Enterprise application on SUPSALV's
Secure.supsalv.org site for more detailed information on specific ESSM equipment.

The ESSM system is used to provide the fleet with salvage and pollution abatement equipment to augment their organic equipment or specialized equipment not normally carried in their allowance. Examples of specialized ESSM equipment include hydraulic submersible pumping systems, welders, electric power generators, fly away deep ocean salvage systems, for heave compensating lift lines; MARISAT communications vans; lift bags and portable command vans. Pollution equipment includes open ocean boom and skimming systems, specialized inland and arctic response systems, floating storage and pollution offload systems.

The ESSM system is also used to effect depot level maintenance on fleet salvage and pollution equipment. ESSM mechanics not only repair the equipment, they train crew members from the fleet in proper maintenance and repair procedures. This has proven to be very beneficial to fleet salvors and pollution responders. Full logistic support is available with command vans, rigging vans, and berthing vans.

Procedures for requesting ESSM equipment (US Navy, DoD, other Federal, foreign, and commercial activities) .