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  Visiting NAVSEA Headquarters


Naval Sea Systems Command (NAVSEA) Headquarters (HQ) is located in Building 197 (Humphreys Building) at 1333 Isaac Hull Ave., on the Washington Navy Yard (WNY) in Washington, D.C. NAVSEA HQ does NOT have any authority to grant access to the WNY, which is under the command authority of Naval Support Activity Washington (NSA-W). In general, all visitors (military, Government civilian, and contractor) must have Federal or state government-issued photo identification for entrance onto the WNY. For more information, visit the NSA-W website:                                                             

For unescorted entrance/access into NAVSEA HQ buildings, visitors must have a Visit Access Request (VAR) submitted thru the Defense Information System for Security (DISS) to the NAVSEA HQ Security Management Office (SMO) code: NAVSEA-VCC-197. The VAR must identify the name and telephone number for the appropriate NAVSEA point of contact (POC). Alternatively, visitors may gain escorted access from his/her NAVSEA POC.

Prior to visiting NAVSEA HQ, official Foreign Nationals must have their visit:

- Pre-coordinated through a sponsoring office.
- Requested by their respective embassy, located in the United States, through submission of Foreign Visit Requests, and approved through the Foreign Visit System.

Authorized visitors to NAVSEA HQ will be issued a badge at the Visitor Control Center (VCC), which is located at the River Entrance (south end) of Building 197. This badge must be worn above the waist and be visible AT ALL TIMES. Visitors’ badges must be returned daily to the boxes located at the entry/exit points.

Important information:

  • Prohibited items per title 18 U.S.C. § 930 include: firearms, knives other dangerous weapons, and explosives.
  • Cell phones are allowed in NAVSEA headquarters where classified information is not present, processed, or discussed or in designated secure spaces.
  • The use of personal cell phones as hot spots is prohibited. Only approved Government hotspots are authorized. Hotspots are prohibited in designated secure spaces and areas where classified information is present, processed, or discussed.

Members of the news media must be escorted by NAVSEA Public Affairs personnel from the Office of Corporate Communication (SEA 00D). They can be emailed at:  Anyone other than media personnel escorted by a Public Affairs representative or official command photographer who wishes to take a photograph or audible recording must have a NAVSEA HQ Photographic and Audible Voice Recording Permit (enclosure 1 of NAVSEAINST 2200.1 and NAVSEA M-5510.1). Permission for these and passes may be obtained beforehand, for use at events such as retirement ceremonies or promotions, through SEA 00D.


The NAVSEA Personnel Security, and Insider Threat Division (SEA 00P4) can be contacted at: for questions and/or identification of any additional requirements.