Visitor Request Information

For visitors who are U.S. citizens:

A visit request is MANDATORY for all visitors to NUWC Division Newport, government and civilian, regardless of the duration or classification of the visit.

Access to NUWC Division Newport will not be granted under any circumstances without a valid visit authorization request on file.

Due to the number of visit requests received, seven (7) days processing time is required for all visit requests whether received by DISS, EMAIL or by FAX. Visitors who don't meet this requirement will not be guaranteed access. You can find the most recent visitor request information needed by clicking here.

Note: All individuals NOT in possession of a Common Access Card (CAC), or a DEERS-issued military ID card (active duty, retired or dependent) will require a DBIDS card for access. No unescorted access will be granted without a CAC, a DEERS-issued military ID card (active duty, retired or dependent), or a valid DBIDS card.

DBIDS cards are requested by the company submitting the SECNAV form 5512-1 to or via the DoD Safe (Secure Access File Exchange). NUWC Division Newport Visitor Control consolidates all inputs and submits them to Naval Station Newport for vetting daily.

DBIDS cards must be picked up AFTER obtaining the NUWC Division Newport visitor badge, and may only be picked up at the Naval Station Newport Pass and ID Office, located outside Naval Station Newport Gate 1. For DBIDS questions, contact Naval Station Pass and ID at 401-841-3126. For NUWC Division Newport questions, contact NUWC Visitor Control at 401-832-2152.

NOTE: As of Dec. 24, 2013, the DOD requires all individuals not associated with the U.S. military to provide two (2) forms of valid state or federal government issued identifications. For a list of acceptable forms please refer to the Form I-9, page 9.

All visits to NUWC Division Newport are assumed to be unclassified unless otherwise stated. For contractors, a valid contract number must also be provided if the visit is of a classified nature.

Uncleared visitors requiring unescorted access must coordinate via their NUWC point of contact. Visit information and a SECNAV form 5512-1
 must be submitted a minimum of seven (7) working days in advance of their visit to allow for vetting via the Region Vetting Center.

Principal Purpose: Information is obtained under DTM 09-012 to identify personnel working at activities where unescorted access to the facility may be required.

Routine Use: Information, including the social security number, date and place of birth, is used in verifying the individual’s identity and security clearance level. The information may be disclosed to those at the activity responsible for verifying clearance and unescorted access authorization.

Disclosure: Completion of a visit request authorization, including the disclosure of your social security number and date/place of birth is voluntary. Failure to provide all information, including the Social Security number and date/place of birth, may serve as a basis to deny access to the facility

Submit a request using the Defense Information System for Security (DISS) Web Application

Use of DISS is the required method for submitting visit requests for cleared companies and individuals.

For non-SCI visits, the Security Management Office (SMO) for visits is 666045.

  •  In DISS: Please make sure the full contract number is entered in the “Notes Section” for any visits that will require classified meetings or assets requested.
  • Questions on non-SCI visits may be addressed to the NUWC Division Newport Visitor Control at (401) 832-2152.
  • For SCI visits, the SMO is 666043.
  • Questions on SCI visits may be addressed to the SSO at (401) 832-7955

For companies or agencies not on DISS, a visit request on company letterhead must be EMAILED or FAXED to the NUWC Division Newport Security Division at (401) 832-4396, or sent using the DoD Safe (Secure Access File Exchange). Call Security Division at (401) 832-2152 for more information.

Required Information for faxed visit requests

The visit request must be on company/command letterhead and contain the following information:

  • Visitor’s full name – (last, first, middle initial as it appears on government-issued ID  
  • Company or Organization Name – complete address, phone number, fax number and CAGE code
  • Visitor’s full Social Security Number – This information is protected by the Privacy Act of 1974
  • Visitor’s Date of Birth and Place of Birth (city/state)
  • Citizenship – Naturalized U.S. citizens must include their Naturalization number
  • Individual’s Level of Clearance Access – This information is verified using JPAS.
    SCI level access must be coordinated SSO to SSO
  • Visitor's email address
  • Do you posses a CAC or DBIDS card?
  • Specific Date(s) of Visit (include the year)
  • Technical Point of Contact (POC) at NUWC Division Newport – (Must be government NUWC employee - include name, email address and phone number)
  • Specific Purpose of Visit – (include classification of visit)
  • Contract number – for non-governmental activities. For SEAPORTe contracts, include the Task Order number as well. If no contract number is provided, the list the visit for 30 days approval, unclassified.
  • Name, Title, and Signature of authorizing company official (may NOT be one of the listed visitors). Smaller companies that do have a security officer to sign, may use another official or secretary as signatory.) 


Bringing computers on base

Navy Marine Corps Intranet (NMCI)-issued laptops are permitted.

Visitors are authorized to transport and use NMCI-issued laptops onboard NUWC Division Newport property provided the user has a current and signed Property Pass (GSA Optional Form-7). Use of Wi-Fi (802.11) is not permitted. Users may connect to designated NMCI hotel ports to access the NMCI network.

Non-NUWC Division Newport owned computers are prohibited (excluding NMCI computers).

Request for approval can be made to the Information System Security Manager (ISSM) by completing this FORM.

This request must be completed and signed off by the NUWC government POC, NUWC department ISSO, and the Command ISSM, prior to transporting the computer on the base.

If the visitor has a valid visit request, and makes frequent trips, the form can be approved for up to one year or the expiration of the visit request, whichever occurs first. The approved document needs to be with the computer at all times while on base.