Work Status

NUWC Division Newport is OPEN for regular business hours.

CallMultiplier provides Command emails, text messages and voice alerts for significant weather events, security notifications, network outages and other emergencies (a service previously provided by Omnilert).  Click here to register for a CallMultiplier account.  Instructions for registering are posted below.

The following are NUWC Division Newport notification procedures for work status changes:

There are procedures established to inform employees if severe weather conditions will impact working hours at Division Newport. The decision that public roads are unsafe rests with the state and local municipalities, and does not necessarily determine Division Newport's working conditions. This message should be retained as a general reminder of what to do in case of severe weather. 

If severe weather develops during normal working hours (7:45 a.m.-4:15 a.m.) and Division Newport has to be closed, word will be passed verbally through the normal internal chain of command and via All Hands email.

NUWC Division Newport has implemented a weather and safety leave policy that may change the wording for notifications made for weather and safety events that affect the base.

Command leadership may now include operating status announcements that include:

  • Open
  • Open with option for unscheduled leave or unscheduled telework (for government employees)
  • Delayed arrival
  • Early departure
  • Closure

Delayed work announcements or closure will mean that employees may NOT report to work before a specified time

In the event of severe weather conditions that develop overnight, before normal working hours, requiring a "delayed opening" or "no work" status, every effort will be made to have that decision communicated to the workforce by 5 a.m.

Since we are in a Maxiflex situation, working hours onsite may need to be adjusted accordingly with communication/notification/approval from your supervisor.Announcements of revised work hours will be promulgated by several methods:

  • CallMultiplier (instructions for registering are located at the end of this message).
  • Facebook (NUWC Division Newport’s Facebook page is
  • Call the information hotline:
    - From local numbers - dial 401-832-6892, and press "1" for closure information
    - From out of area - dial 800-669-6892 (800-NOW-NUWC) and press "1" for closure information
  • NUWC Division Newport’s external public website's main page is updated as warranted by weather conditions and also contains a link to "Work Status" at:
  • Public service announcements will be made via television and radio stations:

Television Stations:




CW28 ( )

RI PBS / Channel 36 ( )

WNAC-FOX/Channel 11 ( )


Radio Stations in Rhode Island:

FM DIAL:                                                                         AM DIAL:

88.1 WRNI ( )                                              630 WPRO ( )

91.5 WRNI ( )                                              790 WPRV (

92.3 WPRO ( )                                    920 WHJJ ( ) 

93.3 WSNE ( )                                  1110 WPMZ ( )

94.1 WHJY ( )                                         1180 WSKP (

95.5 WLVO                                                                     1240 WOON ( )

98.1 WCTK ( )                                         1290 WRNI (

99.7 WEAN ( )                                   1450 WLKW (  or )

100.3 WKKB ( )                           1540 WADK ( )

101.5 WWBB ( )                                     1590 WARV (

102.7 WRNI ( )                                            1710 WCNX (

105.1 WWLI ( )                

106.3 WWKX ( )                         


Radio Stations in Massachusetts: 

1480 AM WSAR (Somerset) ( )  


Radio Stations in Connecticut:

1310 AM WICH (Norwich) (

97.7 FM WCTY (Norwich) ( )        

98.7 FM WNLC (East Lyme) ( )    

100.9 FM WKNL (New London) (

106.5 WBMW  (


If you are listening to public service bulletins for weather related announcements, please pay close attention to the radio and television stations listed above for information related to NUWC Division Newport.  Because these announcements are broadcast as a "public service," there is no guarantee that the stations will carry them, or if carried, will air them in a timely or accurate manner.  Although these stations have said they will try to make our closure announcements, their management has made it clear that school closures and social service announcements have priority over business closures. 

Also be aware that NUWC airs separate announcements from those of Naval Station Newport and the Naval War College.  Please be sure that closure announcements refer to "NUWC Division Newport."  If they say the Navy Base in Newport, it is not us. Employees working within the Naval Station fence line, such as those at Stillwater Basin or in Buildings 2-6, 1318, and 80 should report to work if NUWC Division Newport is open but Naval Station Newport is not.  In those cases, Naval Station security will permit NUWC employees to enter the Naval Station during times when the Naval Station is "closed."

CallMultiplier registration instructions:              

  1. Visit
  2. On the "Sign Up" page, you will need to provide your last and first names and the phone numbers and email addresses you want included when notifications are sent.
  3. Review and accept the Terms of Service.  Click "Submit" when you are done.