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Energetics Focus

Energetic materials, formulations (propellants, explosives, pyrotechnics), and subsystem components (fuzes, detonators, boosters, igniters, safe & arm devices) are critical to the performance and reliability of weapon systems. Applications include missile, rocket and gun propulsion; warheads and munitions; obstacle and mine clearance; flares; decoys; fire suppression; and aircrew escape. The EMTC has a full understanding of the inherent dangers of energetics and the need for special processes, equipment, facilities, environmental considerations, and safety precautions required for manufacturing.

EOD technicians using M112 C-4 detonation blocks in the field

Fastpack Demolition Explosive (FPEX): potential replacement for M112 C-4 Detonation Blocks.

Low sensitivity mortar propelling charges being used by soldiers

Resonant Acoustic Continuous Microreactor (RACMR) for use in low sensitivity mortar propelling charges. 

Three Coast Guard members hold an AIM-9X Sidewinder missile

N,N’-Di-2-naphthyl-p-phenylenediamine (DNPD) Optimized Scale-Up supports Sidewinder Missile (AIM-9X) manufacturing.

An F/A-18 aircraft on the flight deck prior to takeoff

Advanced Mixing Method for Infrared Countermeasures: F/A-18.

EMTC Contact Information

Lori A. Nock, EMTC Director

Joshua E. Morgan, Technical Project Manager

Mailing Address
Director, Navy Energetics ManTech Center
Department of the Navy
Code MT
3032 Strauss Avenue, Suite 106
Indian Head, MD 20640-5148