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2022 Technical Exchange Workshop Presentations

For questions or more information, please contact the TEW team at ihdiv_cad_pad_tew@navy.mil.


CAD/PAD Joint Program Office Advanced Development (PDF, 891 KB)
Ben Kerlin, CAD/PAD Joint Program Office

Technical Warrant Holder (PDF, 1.3 MB)
John Burchett, Technical Warrant Holder, Naval Sea Systems Command

Hazard Classification (PDF, 1.4 MB)
Ed Walseman, Naval Ordnance Safety and Security Activity (NOSSA)

Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) to Ordnance Technical Agent (PDF, 504 KB)
Phillip Melton, NSWC Indian Head Division

Qualification and Final Type Qualification Procedures for Navy Explosives (PDF, 664 KB)
Jacinta Williams, NOSSA

Cataloging and Legal Requirements for Packaging of CAD/PAD (PDF, 414 KB)
Michael Kelly and Connie Han, Naval Packaging Handling Storage and Transportation Center

No-Roll Solventless Double-base Processing for Gun Propellant Composition (PDF, 3.4 MB)
Stephen Stiles, NSWC Indian Head Division

Smart Manufacturing Technology (PDF, 5.1 MB)
Evan Kahl, Chemring Energetic Devices

Industry Best Practices and Lessons Learned CAD/PAD Propellant Manufacturing (PDF, 1.3 MB)
James Baglini, Exodynamics Technology Incorporated

Graphical User Interface Update to the CADPROG Ballistic Computer Simulation Program (PDF, 3.9 MB)
Fred Silverman and Ted Witkamp, Argent Energetics Technologies, LLC

Digital Engineering in CAD/PAD: Physics-based Modeling & Simulation (PDF, 2.3 MB)
Dr. Hobin Lee, Chemring Energetic Devices

The Role of Systems Engineer at MBA (PDF, 2.9 MB)
Joshua Otter, Martin-Baker Aircraft Co.


The SAFE Association (PDF, 7 MB)
John Hampton, SAFE Association, Collins Aerospace

U-2 Ejection Seat Mechanistic Service Life Prediction Update (Presentation not available)
Travis Thom, Hill AFB and Jason Hornecker, Northrop Grumman Space Systems

CAD/PAD Service Life Extension Process Enhancement (PDF, 4.3 MB)
Peter Allen and Patrick Ledbetter, Culmen International

Allowable Service Life Extension Determinations (PDF, 2.3 MB)
Harry Archer, NSWC Indian Head Division

RAAF F/A-18F A44-223 - Dual Ejection - Return to Operational Service (PDF, 2.4 MB)
Kevin Giles, Boeing Defence Australia

U.S. Navy and Marine Corps MIST Engineering Investigation and Mishaps (PDF 1.8 MB)
Nick Schombs, NSWC Indian Head Division

US Air Force Ejection Statistics  (PDF, 3.4 MB)
Jacob Parkin, NSWC Indian Head Division, AFLCMC/EBHJ

Bolar 34 Brief 
Lt Col Tyler “Mask” Stark

Micro Laser Ignition (PDF, 620 KB)
John Hirlinger, U.S. Army DEVCOM Armaments Center

Energetic Porous Silicon for on-chip Microfabrication of CAD/PAD Igniters (PDF, 3.3 MB)
Dan Jean, CCDC Army Research Lab

HTPA Binders for Formulating High Energy, High Density Impulse, IM Compliant Propellants (PDF, 4.0 MB)
Brian Mason, Naval Postgraduate School

Resodyn Mixer (PDF, 5.0 MB)
Todd Allen, NSWC Indian Head Division

Evaluation of Composite Propellants in RAM (PDF, 1.4 MB)
Solei Oliva, NSWC Indian Head Division

CKU-12/A Rocket Catapult Assembly, Aircraft Ejection Seat (PDF, 630 KB)
Kassidy Carson, Collins Aerospace

At the Center of Defense and Discovery (PDF, 6.3 MB)
Steven Skeels, Aerojet Rocketdyne



Development of Explosive Feedstock for COTS 3D Printers (PDF, 1.4 MB)
Dr. David Battaglia, Lynntech Inc.

Energetic Materials Additive Manufacturing for CAD/PAD Applications (PDF, 2.9 MB)
Efrem Perry, NSWC Indian Head Division

EMAM DLP Efforts for Printed Energetic Capabilities (PDF, 1.2 MB)
Dr. Dan Minehan, NSWC Indian Head Division

Predictive Remaining Useful Life of CAD/PAD Utilizing Sensorless Digital Twins (PDF, 1.2 MB)
Kyle Probst and Jeff Waldrop, Lone Star Analysis

Un-invasive Fiber Optic Acoustic-Ultrasound Sensor Systems for Hide Damage in CAD/PAD Rocket Propellant (PDF, 21.4 MB)
Dr. Edgar Mendoza, Redondo Optics Inc.

Multiple Initiators Firing Simultaneously (PDF, 2.4 MB)
Dr. James Stuart, Franklin Applied Physics, Inc.

Particle Size Analysis: Past, Present, and Paths Forward (PDF, 1.5 MB)
Dr. Martin Menart, Capco

Evaluation of a New Source for Powdered and Granular Zirconium (PDF, 2.1 MB)
Todd Allen, NSWC Indian Head Division

USAF/USN Energetic Material Recertification Plan for Contractors (PDF, 258 KB)
Devin Swanson, Hill AFB and Courtney Gamble, NSWC Indian Head Division

Supply Chain and Obsolescence Concept – Fleet Readiness and Safety (PDF, 3.5 MB)
Mark Dumas, Culmen International, LLC

CAD/PAD Energetic Materials Obsolescence Strategy (PDF, 862 KB)
Jon Kilikewich, NSWC Indian Head Division

In Situ Nano-Aluminum Composites for Energetic Materials (PDF, 1.7 MB)
Dr. David Reid, Helicon Chemical Company