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The Comptroller Department provides accounting, budgeting and other financial related support to the Command while ensuring compliance to policies and regulations.  The department analyzes and evaluates financial data to implement solutions that enable the Command to meet its mission.

Core Functions

Chief Financial Advisor

  • Ensures overall integrity and auditability of the Command’s financials
  • External liaison on financial management issues
  • Implements and administers the laws, policies, regulations, directives, and instructions pertaining to the Division financial operations
  • Principal advisor to the Division Commander on all matters within the fields of responsibility assigned to the Comptroller of the Navy
  • Exercising authority to ensure that financial management is conducted legally and in compliance with regulations
  • Lead in developing financial systems and processes in support of all Navy Working Capital Funds (NWCF) budgeting, payroll and accounting
  • Executes the Command’s Financial Improvement Audit Readiness (FIAR) effort


  • Acceptance and issuance of funds
  • Acceptance, issuance, maintenance, billing and closing of funding
  • Performing 1301 review of purchase requisitions
  • Formulates and executes A-11 Budget
  • Develops and analyzes rates
  • Oversees IT and CIP budgets
  • Develops internal allocations, phasing plans, and projections
  • Prepares financial metrics
  • Reviews and approves service cost center budgets and rates


  • Prepares and certifies financial statements
  • Ensures transactions are properly recorded
  • Serves as DFAS Liaison
  • Plant property accounting, triennial review, and contract closeout
  • Accruals
  • Manual Obligations
  • Miscellaneous disbursements

Employee Services

  • Travel support
  • Manages the Government Travel Card Program
  • Administers DTS and provides employee assistance
  • Payroll support
  • Administers the Command Time and Attendance Program