The Narragansett Bay Test Facility (NBTF) is a world-class test and evaluation facility and in-water test range that supports research and development, and engineering and analysis of underwater, surface and aerial vehicles and related technologies in a realistic, operational environment. It is a valuable resource that enables rapid prototyping and high velocity learning for not only government agencies, but for academia and private industry partners. The NBTF is the hub for NUWC Division Newport deployment of Navy systems and has been the site of the Division Newport’s Advanced Naval Technology Exercise.

NBTF is a test facility designed to support R&D:

  • Advanced Underwater Weapons
  • Weapon Systems and Launchers
  • Unmanned Underwater Vehicles
  • Surface Vehicles
  • Acoustic Sensor Development
  • Electromagnetic sensor development
  • Electronic warfare system development
  • Ship navigation, location and tracking systems
  • Oceanographic instrumentation and systems
  • UAS Integration

Testing Rates for Facility, Vessels, Operators and Equipment:

Rate structure for facilities, ranges and vessels are reviewed annually and administered by the NBTF business office. Charges for range and vessel usage is on an “as completed” basis and payable from the users’ internal NUWC funds, or transferred via Work Request. Funding for Work For Private Party (WFPP) arrangements is funded prior to testing on an “estimated cost” basis.

For more information, contact the NBTF staff via email at