Diver Operations

The Narragansett Bay Test Facility has access to several diving resources. The primary range diving support is provided by contract divers on a 24-hour (or less) basis. These divers are experienced in vehicle recoveries, bottom surveys and searches, welding & cutting, underwater video, vessel inspections, cable jetting, etc. The contract allows for the dive outfit to provide frequent light support including surface-supplied air diving and SCUBA, live video surveys, and vessel maintenance, in addition to occasional heavy support requiring decompression diving.

Other diving resources available to NBTF include the NUWC Engineering and Diving Support Unit (EDSU), and an Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) Detachment, who both share building space at Stillwater Basin with the Newport Range Office. The NUWC EDSU is comprised of engineers, scientists, and technicians and supports NUWC engineering projects requiring diving operations world-wide.