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Structures and Materials


Computational Structural Mechanics, Design and Analysis, and Physical Structural Modeling

  • Maintaining and supporting Design Data Sheets (DDSs), design manuals, and assessment tools
  • Performing major naval architecture studies and whole ship finite element analysis of metallic and composite ships and submarines
  • Advanced Modeling and Simulation

Composite Ship Structures

  • R&D of new composite materials and systems
  • Novel applications of composite structures and parts
  • Design, processing, fabrication and structural integration of composite material
  • Aluminum ship repair patches

Structural Design

  • Providing structural assessments of marine structures based on an understanding of the loading, structural response component, and material characteristics
  • Providing structural design, analysis, and assessment support to the Fleet and Acquisition Program Offices including foreign Navies and the U.S. Coast Guard
  • Design procedure and criteria development

Structural Testing and Analysis

  • Experience in structural loads and response (seaway, ice, air, and UNDEX)
  • Hull and component strength (including propulsors)
  • Large-scale structural laboratory testing and at-sea evaluations

World Class On-site large scale testing capability

  • Large scale structures laboratory and test assets for full & sub-scale structural performance tests on structural components
  • One-of-a-kind Structures & Composites Deep Submergence Pressure Tank Facility


Marine Corrosion Coatings and Corrosion Control

  • Corrosion of metals and alloys in marine environments
  • Developing Marine Coatings for antifouling and corrosion protection
  • Quantifying corrosion rates and morphologies and develop protection strategies

Material Failure Investigation

  • Metallurgical analysis, material characterization, and failure analyses
  • Understanding composition, microstructure,  and property relationships that affect material performance
  • Develop Non-Destructive Evaluation methods for identification and evaluation of material defects in ship structures

Modern Materials

  • Navy lead for Additive Manufacturing Technology
  • Certify/validate safety and effectiveness of ship structures materials and weapon materials.
  • Leading development of new naval alloys and other materials
  • Material certification/validation for shipboard and weapons applications.

Propulsor Manufacturing

  • Manufacturing technology, structures fabrication, and dimensional inspections
  • Navy lead for Virginia Class Propulsor construction

Welding and Advanced Joining Technologies

  • NAVSEA lead for welding process and material specifications for  non-ballistic applications
  • Advancing Friction Stir and Arc welding
  • Fasteners Technologies