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Destroyer Modernization 2.0 (PMS 451)

Mission Statement

Delivers expanded, modern warfighting capability and capacity through innovative acquisition and modernization of operationally dominant guided missile destroyer sensors and combat systems.


Provide the Fleet with overwhelming capability for the future high-end fight by our commitment to evolving the approach and execution of the surface ship modernization through learning and innovation

Program Summary

On September 26th, 2023, the acting Assistant Secretary of the Navy for Research, Development and Acquisition, Mr. F. J. Stefany formally established the Guided Missile Destroyer Modernization 2.0 Program Office (PMS 451), within NAVSEA’s Directorate of Surface Ship Maintenance, Modernization and Sustainment (SEA 21). PMS 451 will lead the modernization of the Flight IIA Arleigh Burke Class Destroyers.  This effort will require the integration of capabilities provided by multiple organizations to include Program Executive Office (PEO) Ships, PEO Integrated Warfare Systems, PEO Unmanned Aviation and Strike Weapons, PEO Command, Control, Communications, Computers, and Intelligence as well as the supporting contracting, engineering, comptroller, and legal elements provided by a Systems Command.  The scope, complexity, and cost associated with these major improvements in warfighting capability requires a holistic approach to acquiring and fielding this capability that will bring credible combat capability for the high-end fight. 


Updated July 2024