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Combatant Craft Division - Norfolk, Virginia

Navy and DoD's Center of Excellence for Total Craft Systems Engineering

The Combatant Craft Division (CCD) employs more than 150 naval architects, engineers, technicians, logisticians and support personnel working in a synergistic Integrated Product Team Environment providing the core of U.S. Government high performance boats/craft expertise and experience.

Established in 1967, CCD is the DoD's technical support center and primary source for watercraft1 design and system engineering. CCD's main administrative and engineering offices are located at the Joint Expeditionary Base Little Creek - Fort Story, Virginia. CCD conducts waterfront operations in support of engineering, test and evaluation on demonstration and in-service (fielded) watercraft from a facility at Naval Station Norfolk, V47. Together, these facilities provide synergistic integration of all watercraft design, engineering, and test and evaluation functions in one geographical area (Hampton Roads, VA) enabling a specialized design and test center with optimal test and evaluation conditions, and in close proximity to its primary military clients enabling rapid fleet interface.

Many of the watercraft used by today's military and government agencies are high performance, complex craft that carry heavy payloads and must be robust enough to operate reliably in a variety of demanding conditions. They must be easily transportable and still operate safely in high seas and surf, as well as shallow rivers with weeds and submerged obstacles. They must be able to survive beaching in sand, gravel, and mud, and perform reliably in both hot and cold climates. Many craft require low acoustic, radar, and visual signatures. These factors, coupled with greater use of commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) hardware and software, demand thorough testing and evaluation, and require full spectrum engineering support throughout the full life-cycle.

 Full Spectrum Support:

 Full Life Cycle:

  • Naval Architecture
  • Design and Engineering
  • Survivability
  • Transportability
  • Human System Integration
  • Test and Evaluation
  • Logistics
  • Life Cycle Management
  • Industrial Support
  • Research and Development
  • Requirements
  • Acquisition and Contracting
  • Construction
  • Acceptance
  • Fielding
  • Operational Support
  • Refurbishment and Modification
  • Disposal

DoD personnel and authorized DoD contractors may contact us to request access* to the following watercraft data repositories:

  • Craft and Boat Support System (CBSS)
  • Life Raft Tracking System
  • Technical Data Repository (TDR)

*access requires completion of a SAAR-N and a valid CAC or ECA certificate.

Stiletto Maritime Demonstration Program

The Stiletto Maritime Demonstration Program is collecting information on technologies and systems for disabling, stopping, or slowing maritime vessels using non-lethal means. 

To learn more on the RFI requests information on systems designed to disable, stop, or slow small, medium and/or large waterborne vessels:


If interested please respond to