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Changes from August 30, 1996 version


1.1 The NAVSEA ETM Class 2 Revision C Version 1.1 (January 10, 1997) DTD is the NAVSEA 04TD approved DTD for ETMs in general accordance with MIL-STD-38784.

1.2 The changes made to the NAVSEA ETM Class 2 Revision C (August 30, 1996) DTD are detailed below.


2.1 The element "foldout" from the Official Navy Baseline Tagset has been added as follows

<!ELEMENT foldout - - (figure)+ -(foldout)>

<!ATTLIST foldout pgstyle NUMBER #IMPLIED>

to allow foldout figures. Its attribute "pgstyle" is used by the FOSI to determine the style of the foldout.

The inclusions in the content model for the "body" element

<!ELEMENT body - - (chapter+ | section+)
          +(ftnote | brk | databrk | figure | foldout | external |
          xelemloc | chart | table)>

have been changed to permit foldout figures wherever figures are allowed.

2.2 In order to allow cross-referencing of external documents, the "extref" element from the Official Navy Baseline Tagset has been added as follows

<!ELEMENT extref - - (%text;)>

          xidtype (figure | table | text) #REQUIRED
          xrefid ID #REQUIRED>

The "docno" attribute provides the identifier of the external document (such as a title or a pathname). The "xidtype" attribute is included for consistency with the "xref" tag. The "xrefid" attribute value is the same as that of the ID attribute of the external document.

The "extref" tag has been added to the replacement text of the "%text" parameter entity

<!ENTITY % text "(#PCDATA | ftnref | xref | xlink | indxflag | verbatim |
          change | emphasis | graphic | graphicalts | subscrpt |
          supscrpt | symbol | tool | testeq | material | torqueval |
          partno | serno | partdesc | smrcode | nsn | modelno |
          sssn | refdes | docno | figindex | lin | faultcode |

to allow "extref" to be used anywhere the other "%text;" options can be used.