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Corona Division Departments

Acquisition and Readiness Assessment Department

The Acquisition and Readiness Assessment Department serves as the Navy’s combat, weapons, and warfare system’s performance and material readiness independent assessment agent. Combat Assessment designs, develops and implements the criteria, procedures, techniques, and analysis methodology for assessing, monitoring, and reporting the performance and readiness of combat systems. Additional responsibilities include analysis of comprehensive test and material maintenance data to provide leadership with indices of combat system readiness and identification of performance limiters and drivers.

Range Systems Engineering Department 

The Range Systems Engineering Department builds, instruments and supports DoD test and training ranges worldwide. The department provides systems engineering and technical guidance to range commanders and managers across the Navy and Marine Corps and serves as the technical agent for operation, maintenance and engineering of Navy and Marine Corps Tactical Training Range (TTR) systems. RS has personnel assigned throughout the world and has offsite offices across the country, including a major installation on Naval Weapons Station Fallbrook, located just 60 miles south of Corona by Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton, that specializes in expeditionary systems engineering of ammunition and weapons for the Marine Corps, Navy and Army to improve performance through systems, test, reliability and warfighter-scientist integration.

Performance Assessment Department 

The Performance Assessment Department serves as the independent performance assessment agent for warfare and combat systems, Battle Force programs, Joint Warfare programs, and related Battle Force interoperability. Joint Forces designs, develops and implements the criteria, procedures, techniques, and analysis methodology for assessing and monitoring joint systems performance and interoperability.

Measurement Science and Engineering Department 

The Measurement Science and Engineering Department at NSWC Corona serves as the United States Navy’s Metrology and Calibration (METCAL) Program’s primary technical authority. The engineers and technicians, working in metrology engineering, ensure that weapons systems and support equipment measurement accuracies are valid, uniform, and traceable to national measurement standards or natural physical constants.

Comptroller Department

The Comptroller Department provides accounting, budgeting and other financial related support to the Command while ensuring compliance to policies and regulations. The department analyzes and evaluates financial data to implement solutions that enable the Command to meet its mission.

Contracts Department

The Contracts Department provides Command-wide leadership and management in the areas of pre-award and post-award functions related to simplified acquisitions and contracts; acquisition management through policy development, data systems operations and analysis, performance measurement, oversight and workforce training, development, and certification. The department represents the Command in dealing with the NSWC Corona, NAVSEA, and other Commands, SYSCOMS, and agencies in the area of contract execution and acquisition management.

Corporate Operations Department

The Corporate Operations Department provides timely and cost-efficient business, tactical, and strategic services and support to the Command in the areas of human resources, infrastructure, public affairs and congressional affairs, information technology, security, corporate business, and property management. Through disciplined processes and technical rigor, each functional area provides technical and administrative support to assure service delivery and compliance in their applicable core areas.


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