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Warfare Systems Performance Assessment

Corona Division has its technical roots in conducting analytical data-driven performance assessments on offensive and defensive systems of the surface Navy supporting acquisition T&E and Fleet exercise feedback. Capabilities span across data, rigor, systems, and collaborations in order to facilitate comprehensive assessments in a timely manner. Corona executes best practices in data requirement documentation to assure the right data is available to answer the critical questions. Corona maintains collaboration spaces equipped to receive large volumes of data and the ability to store, process, analyze, and report out results in a classified environment. Corona has implemented automation and adopted visualization software to streamline the delivery of robust event reconstruction with embedded communication, video streams, and ground truth in a short amount of time (a handful of hours for Fleet Operational Training exercises, for example).

Material Readiness Assessment

Corona Division manages programs to provide the Fleet and Shore community with transparency into the material readiness of critical weapon, combat, C41, and HM&E systems and the factors that are driving material readiness. Corona provides reliability, maintainability, and availability (RM&A) metrics for over 600 systems and 2800 variants (C5I and HM&E on surface ships and submarines) delivering automated & predictive analytics, and provides stockpile reliability for Navy surface missiles.  Products and services have broad utilization across Navy Program offices, In Service Engineering Agents, Regional Maintenance Centers, OPNAV, and the Fleet. The Readiness Assessment capabilities and products are evolving to address the Navy's increasing expectations for improved transparency into readiness, cost, and Fleet maintenance/modernization processes.

Quality and Mission Assurance Assessment

Corona Division provides quality and mission assurance for Strategic and Missile Defense systems that have a very low tolerance for failure or problem systems where the program manager requests focused support. Corona develops and tailors Quality and Mission Assurance (Q&MA) requirements which outline program office expectations for management and customer involvement in key technical processes during acquisition and sustainment such as system engineering, test, configuration control, reliability, manufacturing. In addition, Corona provides training to the contractor and government community on Q&MA requirements, conducts assessments, and provides on-site technical experts to determine and improve the effectiveness of the Q&MA activities and rigor.

Measurement Science and Engineering

Corona Division is designated as the Navy's Test and Monitoring Systems technical advisor responsible for disseminating calibration guidance to over 2,750 personnel across the Naval enterprise, and ensuring accurate and traceable measurements to international standards to reduce the risk of wrong test decisions and improve Fleet lethality. Corona authors the detailed calibration procedures used to perform nearly 500,000 calibrations each year on the Navy's more than 1.6 million pieces of test equipment; and uses the results from these calibrations to establish and optimize calibration periodicities to ensure the proper risk vs. cost trade-off.  In measurement areas where the Navy/USMC are unable to find a suitable commercial solution, Corona partners with the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), the Army, and the Air Force to ensure that measurement technology is developed in a complimentary manner and that fielded solutions will interoperate across the services.

Weapon Systems Interface Assessment

Corona Division operates the Gage and Standards Laboratory, serving as the technical authority for NAVSEA combat systems special interface gage requirements.

Strategic Systems Testing and Analysis, and Surveillance Assessment 

Corona Division conducts strategic systems testing and analysis, and surveillance assessment for Trident Reentry Systems Mk4, Mk4A, and Mk5, providing assessment reports on reliability, stockpile retention, cost-effective maintenance, and disposal of suspect components or weapons.

Range Systems Engineering

Corona Division provides Naval surface and air range systems engineering and technology solutions for Naval and Joint training and testing, engineering, integrating, and installing instrumentation on test and training ranges, including shipboard systems and remote range areas. Corona operates and maintains Fleet tactical training ranges and network environment and is the Fleet’s technical engineering agent for the Fleet training live, virtual, and constructive (LVC) capability. Corona ensures that existing and future range systems meet the Fleet's demand for combat realism, live mission monitoring and replay, and information and data collection for analysis and assessment.

Ground Combat Weapons and Ammunition Life Cycle Engineering

Corona provides ground ammunition and weapons engineering expertise to the USMC and ammunition community. Working directly with the acquisition community and warfighter, Corona supports fleet logistics, combat operations, and training by providing cradle to grave research and development, test and evaluation, lifecycle engineering, and acquisition expertise.


The Comptroller Department provides professional quality and customer-oriented financial services encompassing all financial management functions: fiscal policy and regulations, budget, accounting, auditing, travel, payroll and financial systems reporting in a Navy Working Capital Fund environment. The department functions as financial consultants by providing sound advice and training to support the Command’s decision-making with accurate, reliable and timely financial data.


The Contracts Department provides a complete range of acquisition products and support for all contracted supplies and services, with integrity, on time and in accordance with statutory, regulatory and policy requirements. As stewards of taxpayer funds, the Contracts Department strives to expediently and judiciously support the Command and the warfighter.

Corporate Operations

The Corporate Operations Department consists of nine unique functional areas that all work together to support Corona’s mission by leading, coordinating and executing business operations. These areas are Support Staff, Equal Employment Opportunity, Human Resources, Infrastructure, Corporate Communications, Information Technology, Security, Corporate Business, and Property Management. Corporate Operations enables an agile workforce and supports the Navy while including customer service and compliance requirements to meet direct mission tasking.