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Fiscal Year 21 is in gear and so are the latest small business SBIR and STTR topics!

The Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR)/Small Business Technology Transfer (STTR) programs funds small business research, development, and innovation to enhance Navy warfighting capabilities.

The DoD issued its SBIR Broad Agency Announcement (BAA) pre-release Dec. 8, announcing the program  will accept proposals between Jan. 14 and Feb. 18.

The BAA includes 100 standard Navy SBIR topics and two Direct to Phase II topics from seven of the Navy's SYSCOMs. Naval Sea Systems Command has 50 SBIR topics and four STTR topics.

Visit the Navy SBIR 21.1 BAA Topics page for more information:

New DoD Submission Requirements have been added this year.   

Effective Jan.  13, the following requirements will be in place for all SBIR and STTR proposal submissions. Details on these requirements can be found in section 5.0 of the 21.1 SBIR and 21.A STTR announcements.

  • Foreign Disclosure Requirement

  • Contractor Certification Regarding Provision of Prohibited Video Surveillance and Telecommunications Services and Equipment

  • Company Commercialization Report (Volume 4)

  • Fraud, Waste and Abuse Training (Volume 6)

Direct contact with topic authors is permitted during the pre-release period (Dec. 8 - Jan. 13).

Proposing firms have an opportunity to directly contact the Technical Point of Contact to ask technical questions about the specific BAA topic. Once DoD begins accepting proposals Jan. 14, no further direct contact between proposers and topic authors is allowed unless the Topic Author is responding to a question submitted during the pre-release period.

SITIS Q&A System:  After the pre-release period, proposers may submit written questions through SITIS (SBIR/STTR Interactive Topic Information System) at, login and follow instructions. In SITIS, the questioner and respondent remain anonymous but all questions and answers are posted for general viewing. Topic Q&A will close to new questions on Feb. 4 at 12:00 p.m. EST.



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