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AMSEC LLC Multi-Purpose Publishing DTD
  • Changes from the NNS MPP 19990210 DTD    
  • Data Dictionary    
  • Entity File    
  • FOSI/Style Sheet
    • ArborText Adept Series FOSI
      • This screen FOSI was developed for the NNS MPP DTD to use with the ArborText Adept Editor Version 7.0 or earlier.           
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  • AMSEC LLC MPP DTD - Description

    The Multi-Purpose Publishing, or MPP DTD, developed and maintained by AMSEC LLC's Electronic Publishing Support, is a derivative of MIL-STD-38784. AMSEC modified/enhanced the 38784 DTD to support two diverse and sometimes conflicting publishing functions. First, the DTD supports conversion of legacy data into SGML and follows the existing document structure as closely as possible to minimize re-authoring. Second, the DTD supports document management and publishing of diverse sets of manuals. AMSEC supports publication of technical manuals in MILSPEC paper format and/or as Electronic Technical Manuals (ETMs) produced in InfoAccessTM Guide®, PDF, HTML, or XML. The MPP DTD is an evolution of lessons learned by AMSEC using various DTDs since 1993.

    During the procurement of a robust publishing system, AMSEC learned a more explicitly defined document structure was needed to fully utilize the publishing system's capabilities. After consideration of multiple DTD development and associated processing paths, the resources required to build and maintain more than two or three process lanes were unacceptable.

    AMSEC opted to look for a DTD that was as unambiguous as possible, yet flexible enough to support diverse document requirements - two things that are mutually exclusive of each other. The NAVSEAC2 DTD was the initial choice, and was used for several years. It was fine for legacy conversions to ETMs, but proved difficult to implement in the publishing system and offered too many options with respect to day-to-day authoring requirements. The DTD in MIL-M-38784D, the 'parent' of NAVSEAC2, was the starting point for building the MPP DTD. The changes listed below support the publishing system and allow the flexibility to handle the various documents encountered:

    1. Modified or added element structure to support the various types of Navy front matter.
    2. Modified numbered paragraph content models to support the common practice in Navy TMs of having multiple unnumbered paragraphs as part of a single numbered element.
    3. Added element and attribute structure to allow the SGML to support parts of document administration and control such as Technical Document Management Information System (TDMIS) history and Advanced Technical Information Support (ATIS) indexing.
    4. Added additional support in change processing to allow proper change markings and paragraph numbering in both ETM and paper deliveries.
    5. Added the capability to allow editing of only certain subordinate elements - e.g., the <editunit>. This allows editing of smaller portions of a document, or editing multiple pieces of a single document at the same time and still have a valid SGML instance.
    6. Modified SGML end tag minimization requirements to allow omissible end tags on certain high level elements. This allows the system to easily bind document fragments contained in its database together for editing or publication.
    7. Modified the CALS table model to provide table footers without using the nearly universally unsupported CALS <tfoot> element.

    This package contains the following files:

    1. AMSEC Multi-Purpose Publishing (MPP) DTD version 1.0 Rev B dated 30 July 2001.
    2. Screen FOSI developed for use with ArborText Editor Version 7.0 or earlier.
    3. A limited data dictionary containing a listing of each element, it's content model, exceptions, attribute list, and elements the current element is used in.
    4. A file of standard entities used in our publication process.

    Points of contact at AMSEC LLC regarding the Multi-Purpose Publishing DTD may be directed to:

    Program Manager, Electronic Publishing Support


    System Specialist II

    AMSEC LLC MPP DTD - Disclaimer

    Please read before using the DTD.

    This DTD has been developed by AMSEC LLC to support its technical manual production requirements. AMSEC LLC has provided this DTD to support the concept of the Navy XML/SGML Repository as stated below:

    "The Navy XML/SGML Repository was established as a mechanism to promote sharing of DoN DTDs and FOSIs and minimize DoN investment in DTD and FOSI development."

    Any interested organization may use this DTD. AMSEC LLC provides this DTD as is, with no implied or explicit guarantee. Users may make changes to this DTD to fit their requirements, but must accept responsibility for their changes. AMSEC LLC welcomes comments concerning recommended changes or improvements to this DTD, though there is no assumed or implied responsibility by AMSEC LLC to respond. AMSEC LLC does intend to periodically update this DTD which will then be provided to the Navy XML/SGML Repository.

    Points of Contact
    Owner (requests for changes)
    Program Manager, Electronic Publishing Support Group
    757-896-5405 Voice

    Technical POC (questions re: content models, tags, use, etc.)
    Electronic Publishing Support Group
    757-896-5464 Voice