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Laboratories and Research Facilities
The mission and workload of the Carderock Division requires extensive facilities. Work is performed across the life cycle of naval vehicles and includes the full breadth of technologies associated with surface ships; submarines; boats and craft; unmanned vehicles, ranging from small models in laboratories to large models; and operational ships in the ocean environment.

Many of the facilities needed to support the Division's mission are unique in the Navy, in the nation or in the world. Since workload is variable for individual facilities from year-to-year and because many of the facilities have little or no commercial application, there is little economic incentive for industry to develop or maintain similar capabilities.

Although analytical models and analysis techniques have been developed and are being continually refined, facilities are still needed to validate the models/techniques and to ensure that new ships meet performance specifications on delivery and operational units continue to perform as designed before going in harm's way. Consequently, the Carderock Division is one of the Navy's most facility-intensive research and engineering activities.

Carderock Division facilities are available for use by outside sources (both government and private sector) through Cooperative Research And Development Agreements (CRADA) and Work For Private Party Agreements.  

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