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Cyber IT and Systems Operations

Digital Industrial Operations (DIO Systems Support)


Provide IT Specialist support to NAVSEA03S Digital Industrial Operations (DIO)

  • NAVSEA 03S – (DIO) provides expert oversight and guidance to the Ship Maintenance community to assure the security, capability, and reliability of IT systems.  DIO manages networks, data centers, and owns all application solution delivery for the shore ship maintenance community.  Capabilities support the execution of worldwide ship and submarine maintenance operations at the Naval Shipyards (NSYs), Intermediate Maintenance Facilities (IMF), Regional Maintenance Centers (RMCs), Ship Repair Facility Japan (SRF-Japan), and other facilities worldwide.


Current Assignments:

  • Supporting the DIO Chief Engineer as IT Systems Managers (Product Owners/Product Managers) for
    •  Financial Planning Applications
      • Cost; NFS; QDB; WebSABRS
    • Project Management and Support Systems Applications
      • IRIS; HITKIT; SFIS; Sample Manager; HDA; CATS
  • Supporting the DIO Chief Technology Officer as IT Service Manager for Infrastructure and Operations

DIO management assigns tasking to the NAVSEALOGCEN DIO staff resources working with the NAVSEALOGCEN DIO supervisor/staff member.