Ship Maintenance Instructions

  COMUSFLTFORCOM NOTICE 9080 USFF Surface Ship Availability Work Certification and Completion Requirements
  CNSP CNSL INST (TSRA) 4700.1 Total Ship Readiness Assessment (TSRA) Instruction
  CNSP-CNSL NOTICE 4700 Total Ship Readiness Assessment (TSRA) Class Ship Matrices Notice
  NAVSEAINST 5400.108A NAVSEA's Policy for Quality Management of Work on Non-Nuclear Surface Ship Critical Systems

Local Standard Items

FY21 SERMC LSI Numerical Index

099-01SE FY21 General Criteria; Accomplish

099-08SE            Deleted

099-51SE FY21 Non-Hazardous Liquid Waste Removal Operations at Naval Station Mayport; accomplish

099-53SE FY21 Temporary Hazardous Material (HM)/Hazardous Waste (HW)/Satellite Accumulation Point (SAP) Storage Units for Ship's Force Use; provide

099-55SE FY21 Cleaning and Pumping; accomplish (CMAV)

099-58SE FY21 Heavy Weather Plan for Naval Station Availabilities; provide

099-60SE FY21 General Environmental Requirements for Naval Station Mayport Availabilities; accomplish

099-61SE FY21 Temporary Hazardous Material (HM)/Hazardous Waste (HW)/Satellite Accumulation Point (SAP) Storage Units for Ship's Force Use at Contractor's Facility

099-74SE FY21 General Safety Requirements; accomplish

099-77SE FY21 Requirements When Accomplishing Shipboard Work Using a Government Installed Cofferdam; accomplish

Check Point Notifications

  • Check point notifications shall meet the requirements of NAVSEA Standard Item 009-04.
  • The address for all checkpoint email is                            
    • The checkpoint mailbox will have rules that automatically direct the checkpoints email to individual ship's folders. The rules use the subject line content.
    • The subject line must contain the ship class with a dash then the hull number FFG-49 and or the name of the ship USS Robert G Bradley or USS Bradley or Bradley. This applies to home port ships only.
    • If the ship is a visit ship, the subject line must contain "Visit Ship".
    • As the electronic email checkpoint process is expanded to other hulls (for instance IX-516, YFN-797 or non-home port ships), new ship's folders will be created by SERMC IT dept and the subject line contents requirements will be promulgated.

  • If one of the above rules are not met, the email will not be processed to the individual ship's folders (thereby disregarded). Prior to using this process, each contractor should accomplish a test of the above process with the appropriate ship's PM to ensure the contractor is using the right email address and subject line formatting. This will also verify that the contractors email checkpoint forms are viewable in the individual ship's folders.