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The Corporate Operations Department provides timely and cost-efficient business, tactical, and strategic services and support to the Command in the areas of human resources, infrastructure, public affairs and congressional affairs, information technology, security, corporate business, and property management. Through disciplined processes and technical rigor, each functional area provides technical and administrative support to assure service delivery and compliance in the following areas:

Human Resources (Code 101)

  • Serving as the primary advisor to the Commanding Officer regarding all matters pertaining to Human Resources policies, programs, and practices.
  • Overseeing all areas of Human Capital Management, to include acquiring, developing, and retaining talent.
  • Developing Command policies and guidance for Human Capital Program operations, including Demonstration Project (DEMO) and strategic workforce planning.
  • Performing workforce analysis to support corporate decision-making.
  • Leading overall coordination of recruiting efforts to include recruiting program strategies, processes and policies.
  • Serving as the OCHR liaison for the Command
  • Providing advice on position management and organizational structure.
  • Providing policy and technical guidance on the full-range of labor and employee relations (LER) issues and requirements.
  • Fostering an effective labor-management relationship between labor organizations and the Command.
  • Executing career planning and development strategies across the full-spectrum of development needs, from on-boarding and technical skills training to shaping the future workforce.

Infrastructure (Code 102)

  • Serving as the primary advisor to the Commanding Officer regarding all matters pertaining to Safety policies, programs, and practices.
  • Developing, implementing, and administering all safety, health, environmental, and facility programs for the Command.
  • Evaluating proposed designs, methods, and procedures for technical conformance with physical plant, equipment, and safety criteria.
  • Overseeing the Comprehensive Accident Prevention and Loss Control Program for the Command.
  • Managing the full-range of facility functions to include planning, engineering, operations, space configuration, and utility/energy management.
  • Managing the sustainment restoration modernization (SRM), military construction (MILCON), and minor construction (MINCON) programs for the Command.
  • Serving as the NAVFAC liaison for the Command.
  • Managing the Weight Handling Equipment (WHE) and transportation programs for the Command.
  • Ensuring Command compliance, administration and oversight for environmental programs per OPNAVINST 5090.1 series and NAVSEAINST 5090.1.
  • Developing, implementing, and administering Command safety programs per OPNAVINST 5100.23 series.
  • Managing the Command’s Occupational Health, Ergonomics, and Energy Control programs.
  • Overseeing Hazardous Material Control and Management.
  • Conducting Safety and Occupational Health (SOH) training and inspections.

Public Affairs and Congressional Affairs (Code 103)

  • Serving as the primary advisor to the Commanding Officer regarding all matters pertaining to Public Affairs policies, programs, and practices.
  • Providing public affairs advice to Command leadership and leading communication functions and efforts to include policy decisions, courses of action, and ramifications related to internal and external communication.
  • Managing and executing the Command’s Congressional Affairs and Outreach Programs.
  • Executing internal and external communication strategies in order to inform and educate stakeholders regarding the Command’s mission and value to the Navy and geographic area.
  • Managing Command information, public information, and social media sites.
  • Developing and producing visual information and multimedia products in support of the Command and its mission.
  • Managing the Command’s technical library and archive repository.

Information Technology (Code 104)

  • Serving as the primary advisor to the Commanding Officer regarding all matters pertaining to information security and information technology (IT) infrastructure and system policies, programs, and practices.
  • Providing IT governance, Navy/Marine Corps Intranet (NMCI)/Next Generation Enterprise Network (NGEN) Program management, and IT resource management.
  • Developing the Cybersecurity vision, goals, strategies, priorities, policies and implementation planning.
  • Developing and executing the Command’s IT strategic planning and budgeting processes.
  • Providing management oversight and planning for the classified and unclassified local area networks and Command management information systems.
  • Managing and maintaining IT and RDT&E assets and inventory for the Command, including detachments and remote sites.
  • Managing network infrastructure projects, including construction, installation, and maintenance.
  • Managing and maintaining the Command’s internal telecommunication systems.
  • Providing information management customer service support to include software development, account management, wireless device management, IT procurement, and NMCI/NGEN contract administration, planning, and analysis.
  • Providing oversight, support, and validation for information systems assessment and authorization.
  • Providing cybersecurity technical support and guidance; to include developing cybersecurity policy implementation plans.
  • Executing the Command cybersecurity program to protect against unauthorized access or modification.
  • Overseeing and managing the Cyber IT/Cybersecurity Workforce Program.

Security (Code 105)

  • Serving as the primary advisor to the Commanding Officer regarding all matters pertaining to Security policies, programs, and practices.
  • Implementing and administering the Commands security programs of physical, security, operations security, information security, personnel security, industrial security, and antiterrorism/force protection.
  • Managing and overseeing the Command’s Personnel Security Program (PSP), Information Security Program (ISP), Operations Security (OPSEC) program, and physical security requirements for Arms, Ammunitions, and Explosives (AA&E).
  • Managing and overseeing the Continuity of Operations (COOP), Emergency Management (EM), and Antiterrorism (AT) Programs.
  • Managing and overseeing the COMSEC and EKMS programs.
  • Managing and overseeing security education and training events, to include table-top exercises and drills.
  • Manage the Privacy Act/Personally Identifiable Information (PII) program

Corporate Business Office (Code 106)

  • Executing and coordinating business activities for the Command.
  • Aligning the Command Support Departments (Corporate Operations, Comptroller, Contracts) and Technical Departments for business functions and activities.
  • Executing and coordinating business and corporate investment planning and programs.
  • Serving as the Command liaison with the Navy Enterprise Business Office (NEBO).
  • Identifying, managing, and developing business analytics, reports, and metrics.
  • Managing and coordinating the Command’s directives, policy statements, and forms.
  • Ensuring compliance with records management laws, regulations, rules, policies and procedures.

Property Management (Code 107)

  • Serving as the primary advisor to the Commanding Officer regarding all matters pertaining to Property Management policies, programs, and practices.
  • Serving as the Command’s subject matter expert in supply chain management and liaison with NSLC for warehouse management.
  • Performing oversight, administration, and execution of all property management policies, regulations, and directives to ensure property management and FIAR compliance.
  • Oversight and responsibility for all property management functions from acquisition through disposition.
  • Management and execution of the purchase requisition (PR) process for the Command.
  • Overseeing, monitoring, and coordinating the MILSTRIP process.
  • Overseeing, monitoring, and coordinating the Product Data Reporting and Evaluation Program (PEDREP).
  • Proper procurement, handling, storage, inventory, and accounting for general equipment (GE) and operating materials and supplies (OM&S).