FMSB/FRSD Student Check-In

Combined Area Maps


Welcome Aboard

To assist you with your stay at NNSY during your training, a variety of information is located on the main webpage linked below. Items include: maps, directions, and meal information.


Before Arrival

Prospective students are required to contact FMSB/FRSD 30 days prior to the course convening date to ensure they meet attendance requirements.  Contact should be made asap to address any administrative security discrepencies.

Students attending these courses should contact FMSB/FRSD at one of the following numbers below:

  • Quality Assurance Officer Course (QAOC)
  • Naval Nuclear Propulsion Plant Planner’s Course (NPPPC)
  • Propulsion Plant Trade Skills (PPTSC)
  • CVN Maintenance Course (CVNMC)
  • PVO Advanced, PVO TTT, or 4” JIT
  • FMA Craftsman Course (FMACC)
  • Radiological Controls for Manager’s Course (RCMC)
  • All-Volatile Treatment Course (AVT)
  • RAM Shipping Course (RAMSHIP) 

Note: Students attending the Radiological Controls Technician Course (RCTQS) should contact (757) 393-7156 as they are separately managed.


COMMERCIAL: (757) 393-7039, (757) 393-7078, (757) 967-3477, (757) 393-7168, (757) 393-7141 
DSN: 386-1185 Ext XXXX (Last four of commercial number)

All personnel visiting NNSY controlled areas must have their Joint Personnel and Adjudication System (JPAS) record reviewed to ensure “US ACCESS” and “NUCLEAR” categories are present as blue banner items on the “person summary” page. 

These items will be displayed under “accesses”. US Access must display confidential at a minimum and “nuclear” must display “Rest Data”. Without “US ACCESS” or “NUCLEAR” blue banner on the “person summary” page, personnel will not be granted a red NAVSEA badge. 

For personnel on PCS orders:

Ensure FMSB/FRSD has been contacted at least 30 days prior to class convene date.

Prior to transfer, a JPAS visit request must be submitted for NNSY access with the following information: Reason for request = To attend training provided by FMSB, in Bldg 276A, from DDMMM-DDMMM YYYY.  Your detaching command security person should use NNSY SMO Code 001816. The FMSB/FRTSD Point of Contact for JPAS = Scott Mardis.

SECURITY NOTE:  If your detaching command removes your “US Access” and “Nuclear” designators within JPAS, NNSY can re-establish them for the periodicity of the school assuming no other security issues are present. 

Early Arrival (i.e. days before course convening):

To enter NNSY you must have a valid CAC or military identification card. Students reporting earlier than the course convening date shall report to the NNSY Command Duty Office located at NNSY, BLdg 1500, Rm 1148 for endorsement of their orders. The duty office is continuously manned and may be reached at (757) 396-8615/8616.  To get to Bldg. 1500, enter the main gate (Gate 15) from Effingham Street and take the first left. Go about 1/8th of a mile and the large brown brick building on your right is Bldg. 1500.  

Students staying at Navy Gateway Inn & Suites (NGIS): Exit NNSY back through the Main gate and turn left. Note that Effingham street changes name to George Washington Highway. Travel down GW Hwy to the second light (Andrews Street) and turn left. This is the entranceway to Scott Annex military area and requires you show your CAC/ID card for access as well. After passing through the gate, make the first right and the NGIS lobby is located in the second building on your right (Bldg 1530).

On Course Convening Date:  

Students will report NLT 0700 to NNSY, Bldg 276A, in the following classrooms:

RCMC, AVT, RAM Shipping = Rm 239
PVO, 4” JIT = Rm 236
PPTSC = Rm 114

NOTE: Students arriving on the course convening date will have their orders endorsed by the schoolhouse.

Security Reminders:

ALL students attending FMSB/FRSD resident courses require “Red” NNSY security badges. Students without badges will be addressed on the first day of the course assuming there are no outstanding security issues.

Students must have an active CAC or military identification card to access NNSY.

To enter NNSY controlled access areas, students will need to register their CACs with base security. If not already done, this will be accomplished after reporting to the classroom on the course convening day. 

DO NOT go to PASS & ID on the course convening day. 
Arrive at your classroom at the required 0700 time.