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Manama, Bahrain
Employment in Bahrain will challenge your skills as you are at the tip-of-the-spear maintaining the forward-deployed Fifth Fleet. You’ll live where Arabian, Asian, European, and American cultures mingle in harmony on this beautiful island Nation. Learn more...



Naples, Italy
Careers in Italy, the home of the forward-deployed Sixth Fleet, offer opportunities to accelerate your professional development. Home will be the heart of the Mediterranean, with convenient travel to Rome, Pompei, Florence, Milan, and Venice. Learn more...


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Sasebo and Yokosuka, Japan
Positions in Japan offer a high-tempo work environment maintaining the forward-deployed Seventh Fleet. Whether in rural Sasebo or more urban Yokosuka, you can visit samurai castles and Shinto shrines, relax in natural hot springs (onsens), or climb Mount Fuji. Learn more...


Rota, Spain
In Spain, you’ll maintain the forward-deployed Sixth Fleet in Rota, protecting critical U.S. maritime interests. This Spanish beach resort area is warm and friendly, and you’ll soak in the sunshine during numerous Spanish celebrations, fiestas, and holidays. Learn more...

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