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Career Opportunities

The NSWC Carderock Division addresses the full spectrum of applied maritime science and technology, from the theoretical and conceptual beginnings, through design and acquisition, to implementation and follow-on engineering. The Division houses world-class facilities and laboratories and employs scientists, engineers, and support personnel working in more than 40 disciplines.

Some of the advantages of working at NSWC Carderock Division are:

  • competitive compensation
  • advancement opportunities
  • flexible work schedules
  • scientist and engineering development programs
  • job rotation
  • graduate education program
  • opportunity for rapid 6-month accelerated promotion
  • compressed work schedule
  • overtime/compensatory time
  • liberal vacation accrual
  • 11 paid holidays a year
  • 13 days sick leave a year which can be accumulated

Job announcements within NSWC Carderock Division can be found by searching the USAJOBS web site.

NSWC Carderock Division is an Equal Employment Opportunity employer. We also have a variety of employment opportunities available for high school and college students.

Carderock Insight Night

Carderock Insight Night is an open forum/presentation for potential employees and interested applicants to learn more about career/internship opportunities at Naval Surface Warfare Center, Carderock Division. These monthly sessions allow  candidates to ask questions and meet with Carderock employees and hiring managers.

Carderock Insight Night is a great way for candidates to obtain valuable information about what we do here at Carderock and how you can take part in impacting our world.  You will have the chance to ask questions about positions you are seeking and the life and culture of those who have chosen the same path. The networking portion of Carderock Insight Night provides an opportunity to meet other like-minded colleagues and those from diverse educational backgrounds and outlooks. We create an atmosphere for you, peers and hiring managers to connect.

Who can join? Everyone. Candidates can be any level of experience (entry, mid, experienced) with any field of interest.

When is it held: Every third Wednesday of the month from 4:00 PM-5:00 PM EST.

Where is it held: Virtually via Microsoft Teams

How to get involved: To get connected thru Carderock Insight Night, upload your resume to the external registration link below. Uploading your resume allows us to socialize it with hiring managers with current vacancies right away. We invite those hiring managers to join the session give you immediate access to them. After we receive your resume, a member of the Carderock Recruitment Team will send you a meeting invitation. 

Link to apply: https://navsea.recsolu.com/app/collect/event/SLLE9ZGRH9pJFf8ep6porQ


WE’RE HIRING. To learn more about career and internship opportunities, upload your resume to: https://navsea.recsolu.com/app/collect/event/bSmMDdSO-1qjrAdzFbJq1Q

Virtual Command Tour

New Hire Resources

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