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The SSRAC was established in 1970 to carry out the development, revision, and control of standard specifications for non-nuclear surface ships. In accordance with NAVSEAINST 9070.1 (Series), the purpose of the program evolved to include naval ships and craft including nuclear-powered ships and submarines when work is to be performed by Non-Nuclear capable, Non-NAVSEA Note 5000 private shipyards, contractors, or Alteration Installation Teams (AIT). This program ensures that appropriate contract language is used in transmitting technical, quality, and environmental/safety requirements to the contractor or AIT.

Commander Navy Regional Maintenance Center (CNRMC) maintains overall responsibility for the SSRAC process. The SSRAC is responsible for updating and maintaining the NAVSEA Standard Items (NSI) and Appendix 4-E of Volume VII, Chapter 4, Joint Fleet Maintenance Manual (JFMM) formerly Appendix 4-E to the SUPSHIP Operations Manual (SOM).  Standard Items (SI's) are items that establish uniform methods and standards for routine requirements normally invoked in ship repair Work Items.  These items are invoked whenever applicable without modification. Appendix 4-E publishes mandatory procedures for the preparation, utilization and invocation of work items as directed by NAVSEAINST 9070.1 (Series) for repair and alteration of U.S. Navy ships and craft. 

The SSRAC typically meets on an annual basis in July to consider changes to the NSI and 4-E; change proposals must be submitted no later than 60 days before the SSRAC meeting for consideration. Representation on the Committee includes Navy activities involved principally in ship repair and modernization, NAVSEA, Surface Force Type Commanders, Regional Maintenance Centers (RMC), Naval Shipyards, and representatives of various private industry ship repair associations.

The SSRAC is divided into multiple committee structures. The Steering Committee acts on recommendations received from the subcommittees and handles issues that are beyond the scope of any single subcommittee. The Steering committee has a monthly drumbeat to discuss concerns cognizant to the SSRAC. The subcommittees review proposals on issues related to their technical /trade specialties and provide recommendations to the Steering Committee with supporting rationale.  The subcommittees are: Environmental/Safety, Machinery/Quality Assurance, Piping/Boiler, Hull/Preservation,  Electronic/Electrical, 4-E/Phraseology, and General.


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NAVSEA Standard Items, 4E JFMM, and SSRAC Information