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The focal point for all matters pertaining to the ESSM System is the Office of the Supervisor of Salvage (00C) within the Naval Sea Systems Command (NAVSEA).

Commander, Naval Sea Systems Command
Attn: ESSM Manager (SEA00C21)
1333 Isaac Hull Ave. Stop 1072
Washington Navy Yard, DC 20376-1072
Telephone: (202) 781-1731 (press 2 at prompt)
Fax: (202) 781-4855
DSN: 326-1731 (press 2 at prompt)
NAVSEA Duty Officer: (202) 781-3889 (24 hr Emergency Contact)

The SUPSALV Operations Branch serves as a clearing point for all ESSM inquiries and requests. Fleet activities may request the material needed or identify the task and SUPSALV will provide assistance in determining what material and assistance is required. Assistance may be provided through recommendations or the actual provision of specific ESSM items, based on cumulative case experience. Final determination and issuing authority for ESSM requests remain with the Supervisor of Salvage or his designated deputy.

ESSM Manager
The ESSM Manager resides at SEA00C in Washington, DC. He is assisted by a commercially contracted ESSM Warehouse Management team. The on-site team manager is directly responsible to the Supervisor of Salvage for provision of the following ESSM support services:

a. Full-time manning and management of ESSM facilities.

b. Periodic maintenance and inventory of equipment stored at ESSM complexes.

c. Maintaining all ESSM System equipment for immediate deployment and operation.

d. Providing full operations response team with pollution control equipment when it is deployed.

e. Providing ESSM operator/technician as required with the deployment of salvage and other equipment categories.

System Operation
Materials in ESSM bases and ESSM complexes are contingent items for emergency use only, as required by the requesting activity. The materials are not intended for stock replenishment of Fleet units or shore facilities for their routine operations. Prerequisites for obtaining ESSM equipment differ with equipment categories and requesting activities. SUPSALV contacts are available to discuss options with requesting activities.

Equipment categories are:
Underwater Ships Husbandry

Under each product line, functional links users will find "Inventory" links that open a current inventory table which lists the equipment available at each location.