Clearance/Classified Visits
Domestic Clearance Requests

(Reference: SECNAV M-5510.10.3, CH 11-2 CLASSIFIED VISITS)
1. Commanding officers shall establish procedures to accommodate visits to their commands involving access to, or disclosure of, classified information. As a minimum these procedures will include verification of identity, validation of personnel security clearance eligibility, and access using DISS, and a need-to-know determination. 
.  Defense Information System for Security (DISS) has replaced the Joint Personnel Adjudication System (JPAS) as the System of Record (SOR) for all Department of Defense (DoD) personnel, including military, government civilians and contractors.  The DISS links can be found at 
2. The command sponsoring the visitor is responsible for ensuring the visitor's eligibility, access, and affiliation data are current and accurate in DISS.
U.S. Domestic Clearances:
1.  U.S. (Classified) Visit Requests will be entered in DISS to AUTEC SMO Code: 659265
2.  If DISS is not available, the following options may be utilized:
  • a. Navy message furnishing full SSN (for DISS verification), Name, Test number, Visit and POC information.
The following link to CNO Information and Personnel Security is provided, should you require additional information regarding classified visit requests. (NOTE) Clearances must be sent within 15 days of site visit and require a minimum
96-hours of processing time.
Information Required:
    • Company or Organization Name: (group/code) (FROM block)
    • Contractor Cage Code: (FROM block)
    • Visitor's Phone: (point of contact) (FROM block)
    • Date of Request:
    • POC at NUWC DET AUTEC: (name, code, building, phone number)
    • Date(s) of Visit: (ARRIVE)(DEPART)
      Recommend frequent visitors, include the initial dates of visit and
      "intermittently for one year" on the Visit Request Documentation
    • Degree of Access Required:
    • Purpose of Visit:
    • Test Number and/or Control Number: (assigned by NUWC DET AUTEC Sponsor)*
    • Visitor Full Name: (include Full Middle Name, no initial or nicknames)
    • Date of Birth:
    • Place of Birth:
    • Citizenship:
    • Level of Clearance: (indicate level of NATO access after clearance level - ie: NS)
    • Authorizing Signature: (name, rank, title, clearance and date signed)
* All official visitors to NAVUNSEAWARCEN DET AUTEC, Andros Island Bahamas, must be sponsored by an AUTEC employee. The sponsor will either assign a test number or control number for your visit. This number is required in order to be manifested on the AUTEC aircraft. If you need assistance, please call 561-671-2741.
Requests are acceptable using:
  • Company letterhead from your Security Office (FSO)
  • Naval Message PLAD:


And can be delivered via:
  • Direct FAX line: (561) 671-2857(ATTN: WPB Security)
  • Voice: (561) 671-2732 (for verification)
  • Address:
    Officer in Charge
    Naval Undersea Warfare Center
    Attn: Sponsor, Code XXXXX
    P.O. Box 24619
    West Palm Beach, FL 33416-4619
Foreign/ Non- U.S. Citizens Clearances

(Reference Foreign Clearance Guide DoD 4500.54-G)
  • Foreign official visitors must contact their respective Embassy to initiate a Country-to-County clearance, which is then submitted to the International Programs Office (IPO), Washington D.C. for further official processing (i.e. Naval Message with "Assignment" number and disclosure statement forwarded directly to the Test Program Manager)
  • Upon receipt, HOST verifies disclosure information, determines the level of classification for the purpose of the visit and approves via phone call or email to IPO. A formal "Approval" message is then generated and forwarded to AUTEC for completion of clearance data.
Timeline: Foreign Visitors have a minimum 30-day processing time.