In addition to the formal courses we offer in the Norfolk area, we also provide on-site training and engineering at your activity. The below list is not all inclusive and many of the products or services can be provided on-site or from our headquarters at NNSY.

Many of these services are already funded by the applicable Type Commander, however, the request for training or engineering assistance should go through your chain of command, via the Type Commander.


  • We help activities preplan jobs via
    • Training
    • Use of up-to-date tooling
    • Staging lists
    • Mockups, incorporating shipboard interference
    • Detailed integrated work procedures
    • Contacting other activities for lessons learned
  • We provide portable cutting tool maintenance training
  • We have a small machine shop where we build various mockups for fleet use
  • We maintain the NAVSEA training component inventory for fleet and shipyard use
  • We support standardization throughout fleet processes via
    • Training
    • Procedure preparation
  • We are available to provide welding technique and equipment training for
    • Proficiency Training        
    • Welding equipment evaluation
  • We provide NDT training and support
  • We provide on-site Trade Skill support for weak areas or actual shipboard work