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The Navy's Independent Assessment Agent

NSWC Corona is the Navy's only independent analysis and assessment center, with more than 3,200 Sailors, civilian scientists, engineers, support staff, and contractors.

NSWC Corona is home to three premier national laboratory and assessment centers: the Joint Warfare Assessment Lab; the Measurement Science and Technology Lab; and the Daugherty Memorial Assessment Center. Along with the renowned "Corona Engineers," these state-of-the-art facilities enable Corona to fulfill its unique mission for the Navy. The JWAL and DMAC are at the core of Corona's integrated approach to warfare assessment, and the Measurement Science and Technology Lab is where Corona researches and establishes the metrology and calibration standards and procedures for the Navy and Marine Corps.

Using a rigorous, disciplined independent assessment process, Corona provides the fleet, program managers and acquisition community with the objective assessment needed for the Navy to gauge warfighting capability of ships and aircraft, assess warfare training and analyze new defense systems - even those systems in the concept phase. This commitment to independent assessment allows the Navy to achieve the greatest value for acquisition, material readiness and lifecycle management programs - for Today's Navy, the Next Navy, and the Navy After Next. As the Navy's metrology and calibration authority, Corona also sets the measurement science and calibration standards to support proper weapons operation, interoperability and peak readiness for the fleet. Corona uses innovation and automation to also reduce burdensome workload for Sailors, while reducing maintenance costs and increasing readiness for the Navy.

Technical capabilities and unique expertise - ranging from missile defense assessment to range and test instrumentation to setting measurement standards - enable Corona to support in-service and emerging weapons and combat systems for key customers in critical areas:

  • Trusted agent for Commander, Operational Test and Evaluation Force (COTF) analysis and assessment
  • Connectivity with worldwide presence to Test & Evaluation (T&E), Missile Defense Agency (MDA), Joint National Training Capability (JNTC), and fleet training sites to enable analysis and reporting of assessment results in near real-time
  • Integrated performance and readiness assessment of weapons and combat systems
  • Range instrumentation management and engineering
  • Test systems effectiveness and measurement integrity
  • Weapons and combat systems product integrity

NSWC Corona's Mission Statement

The mission of NSWC Corona is to "Serve warfighters and program managers as the Navy's independent assessment agent throughout systems’ lifecycles by gauging the Navy's warfighting capability of weapons and integrated combat systems, from unit to force level, through assessment of those systems' performance, readiness, quality, supportability, and the adequacy of training."

Corporate Structure

NSWC Corona is one of Ten Warfare Centers under the NAVSEA Command. We are based in Norco, California, but have representatives around the globe. To learn more how we're organized, the NAVSEA command is organized, or our worldwide locations, please click on the links below.

NSWC Corona Leadership

  • Captain Khary W. Hembree-Bey, Commanding Officer, biography

    Captain Khary W. Hembree-Bey assumed command of the Naval Surface Warfare Center, Corona Division on September 6, 2019. As commanding officer, he leads over 3,700 Sailors, Navy civilians and support contractors in Corona's critical mission as the independent assessment and analysis agent responsible for gauging warfighting capability U.S Navy ships and aircraft; as the metrology and calibration agent for the Navy and Marine Corps; and the range systems engineering agent for Navy and Marine Corps tactical training ranges.
  • Dianne M. Costlow, Technical Director, biography

    Dianne M. Costlow serves as the Technical Director of the Naval Surface Warfare Center, Corona Division. Her responsibilities encompass leading a 1,400-person civilian team in all aspects of independent performance, readiness, and acquisition assessment of warfare systems; ranges systems engineering; and metrology and calibration.


NSWC Corona History

In the years immediately preceding World War II, a concerned Federal Government established the National Research Defense Committee to develop new and more-sophisticated weapons. This is the beginning of what now is known as NSWC Corona, the Navy’s only independent assessment agent. Click here to learn more.


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