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NSWC Corona Division has served as the Navy's independent assessment agent since 1964. With experience in gauging the Navy's warfighting capability, NSWC Corona is positioned as a leader in NAVSEA data analytics. Utilizing networked data environments, data analytics and visualization, and measurement technology to bridge the Navy's disparate data, Corona enables informed decision-making for the warfighter.

The Naval Sea Systems Command field activity provides transparency for warfighting readiness through data analytics and assessment, engineers the fleet’s Live-Virtual-Constructive training environment, and assures the accuracy of measurements as the engineering advisor for the Navy and Marine Corps metrology and calibration programs.

NSWC Corona’s Mission
Provide transparency to warfighting readiness through data analytics and assessment, engineering the Fleet’s Live-Virtual-Constructive training environment, and assuring the accuracy of measurements.

NSWC Corona’s Vision
Optimize decision-making for warfighting and fleet readiness.

Where We Are 
There are 1,800 civilian personnel, a small contingent of Sailors and more than 2,000 contractors executing several different disciplines in support of the warfighter. NSWC Corona is located in southern California between San Diego and L.A., 50 miles east of L.A. in Norco, Calif., with detachments in Fallbrook and Seal Beach. Employees work around the country and in Japan at 14 additional locations. From Japan to Cherry Point and around the globe, on ships and on the range, we support Navy operations.

Inland Empire Tech BridgeInland Empire Tech Bridge
The Inland Empire Tech Bridge, anchored by Naval Surface Warfare Center (NSWC) Corona Division, serves as a regional hub of innovation for the Navy command and local partners in industry, academia, nonprofits and private capital to work together to find faster, better solutions to warfighter challenges.

The Inland Empire Tech Bridge aims to build networks, break down barriers and connect people to enhance warfighter capabilities while also providing businesses and other partners with technology transfer opportunities and other dual-use solutions. Additional resources the Tech Bridge unlocks can also play a key role in stimulating the regional economy.

Tech Bridges are designed to play pivotal roles in eliminating the kinds of acquisition sluggishness that can hamper innovation over time. The Inland Empire Tech Bridge provides the Navy with another mechanism to increase speed-to-fleet while the data and decision science powerhouse keeps its focus on accelerating warfighter decisions to dominate the threat.

For more information on NavalX Tech Bridges, visit https://www.secnav.navy.mil/agility or https://www.secnav.navy.mil/agility/Pages/techbridges.aspx

Mission-focused Laboratories

Joint Warfare Assessment Lab (JWAL)

The Joint Warfare Assessment Lab (JWAL) is a classified facility that allows the storage, distribution, integration, and analysis of data needed to assess the performance of surface Navy integrated warfare systems and warfighting interoperability.
Daugherty Memorial Assessment Center (DMAC)
The Daugherty Memorial Assessment Center (DMAC) is a classified facility which enables the analysis and assessment of the surface Navy integrated warfare systems and warfighting interoperability.
Measurement Science and Technology Lab (MSTL)
The Measurement Science and Technology Lab (MSTL) allows us to engineer, manufacture, test, and certify Navy gages used to ensure the critical dimensional tolerances of missiles, ammunition, SEA and AIR gun barrels, and small arms for the Navy and USMC.
Weapons Surveillance and Test Lab (WSTL) The Weapons Surveillance and Test Lab (WSTL) provides testing and analyses of TRIDENT Reentry Body Assemblies. The building contains an environmentally-controlled calibration and repair laboratory.


NSWC Corona History
In the years immediately preceding World War II, a concerned Federal Government established the National Research Defense Committee to develop new and more-sophisticated weapons. This is the beginning of what now is known as NSWC Corona, the Navy’s only independent assessment agent. Click here to learn more.


NSWC Corona Leadership

U.S. Navy Capt. Michael P. Aiena, commanding officer of Naval Surface Warfare Center, Corona Division, poses for an official portrait in Norco, California, Jan. 20, 2022. Aiena took command of the warfare center this month.
Captain Michael P. Aiena, USN
Commanding Officer, Naval Surface Warfare Center, Corona Division
Dianne Costlow, technical director of Naval Surface Warfare Center, Corona Division, poses for an official portait in Norco, California, Sept. 12, 2022. Costlow has been in role since April 2017.
Dianne M. Costlow (SES)
Technical Director, Naval Surface Warfare Center, Corona Division