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Long Range Acquisition Forecast

Forecast data is for planning purposes only and is not a commitment by the Government to purchase the described products and/or services.  All projected procurements are subject to revision.  Final decisions on the extent of competition, small business participation, or any aspect of the procurement action will not be made until we deem sufficient market research has been conducted.  Address all questions to the Deputy Director for Small Business Programs at (301) 227-0580. 

Requirements Description
Total Estimated Value ($M)
Anticipated Acq Strategy
Anticipated Solicitation Date
Anticipated Award Date
Certification & Accreditation Follow-On iAssure $11 8A Direct FY18 - Q3 FY18 - Q4
VTC Life Cycle Support TBD $3 8A Direct FY18 - Q3 FY18 - Q4
HR Contractor Support TBD $1 8A Direct FY18 - Q4 FY18 - Q4
Wireless Devices AT&T TBD SapComm TBD FY19 - Q1
U.S. Marine Corp Corrosion and Materials Engineering Services Vision Point S $50 SEAPORT FY18 - Q4 FY18 - Q4
Radiation Air Particle Detector (APD) Ships Leidos $15 Competitive FY18 - Q4 FY18 - Q4
Signature Trainers Scenario Control Leidos $50 SBSA FY18 - Q3 FY18 - Q4
Magnetic Silencing Facility Upgrades and Electromagnetic Support AECOM/URS $10 Unrestricted FY18 - Q3 FY19 - Q1
Synthetic Signature Generation Based Training Systems Leidos $65 to $95 Unrestricted FY18 - Q4 FY19 - Q3
Staves Contract Channel Tech (CTG) $10 TBD FY19 - Q3 FY20 - Q3
Acoustic Research Detachment Support Contract GDIT $50 TBD FY19 - Q4 FY20 - Q3
Virtual Reality Support New Requirement $25 TBD FY19 - Q4 FY20 - Q4
Underwater Electromagnetic Engineering Services Contract ATR $45 SBSA FY19 - Q4 FY20 - Q4
Acoustic Trials Engineering Support ManTech $45 TBD FY19 - Q4 FY20 - Q4
Ship Cost Estimating New $5 SBSA FY18 - Q4 FY19 - Q1
Business Services New $4 TBD FY18 - Q4 FY19 - Q3
Watercraft Industrial Support (WIS) New $20 TBD FY19 - Q2 FY19 - Q3
Knowledge Based Services (KBS) CSRA $20 TBD FY19 - Q2 FY19 - Q3
Model Design & Fabrication (MDF) New $24 TBD FY19 - Q2 FY19 - Q3
Intelligent Systems New $20 TBD FY19 - Q3 FY19 - Q4
Engineering Services for Combatant Craft CDI Marine $60 TBD FY19 - Q4 FY20 - Q1
Advanced Systems Prototyping New $20 TBD FY19 - Q4 FY20 - Q1
VCS Hub Scoop Bar (HSB) Production New $3 TBD FY18 - Q4 FY18 - Q4
VCS Plug Production New $3 TBD FY18 - Q4 FY18 - Q4
APMO Propulsor Demonstration Hardware New $30 TBD FY19 - Q1 FY19 - Q4
CLB BSS Inseparable Assembly Production New $19 TBD FY19 - Q2 FY19 - Q4
VCS Multi-rotor/stator/HSB Production New $40 TBD FY19 - Q2 FY19 - Q4
APMO Non-metallic Materials R&D New $50 TBD FY19 - Q3 FY20 - Q4