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quality assurance DEPARTMENT

Mission:  The Quality Assurance Department ensures that all maintenance and repair actions performed by qualified personnel conform to applicable plans, standards and specifications for submarine maintenance and modernization programs to support operational readiness of the nation's Trident fleet.

Vision:  “Systematic monitoring and evaluation to ensure that standards of quality are met.”


what we do

Radiation Safety Branch

  • Develop, implement, and maintain Command Radiation Safety Program and associated permits.


Quality Assurance Specialist Branch (Ship)

  • Conduct certification review for technical accuracy and satisfactory completion of maintenance and testing.
  • Responsible for the completion and certification of submarine maintenance availabilities.


Quality Assurance Specialist Branch (Shop)

  • Conduct certification review for technical accuracy and satisfactory completion of maintenance and testing.
  • Ensure the sustainability and reliability of vital submarine material.


Quality Assurance Inspection Branch

  • Provide in-process inspections and testing for repair and overhaul of ships maintenance.
  • Inspections performed include testing of assemblies and components, material verification and installation, machining of materials, weight testing, and paint systems inspections.


Non-Destructive Testing (NDT)

  • NDT uses a group of analysis techniques to evaluate the properties of a material or component without causing damage.
  • Inspectors perform NDT methods of visual, liquid penetrant, magnetic particle, eddy current, ultrasonic and radiography to support repairs made to structural, piping, cast, and components to support fleet availabilities.


Quality Assurance Assessment Division

  • Facilitate causal analysis for unplanned events to determine corrective actions and prevent reoccurrence.
  • Conduct surveillances and audits of processes and programs that support submarine maintenance.
  • Conduct trend analysis of the command's QA program and document findings via assessment reports.


Scientific Services Division

  • Chemists and Materials Engineers provide testing and analysis in support of the TRFB mission.
  • Water and gas purity testing, hydraulic and lubricating oil analysis, occupational safety and health testing, unknown material identification, mechanical property testing, failure investigations, metal alloy composition analysis, and metallography.


Quality Assurance Training Division

  • Provide required training and qualification for critical work in support of the TRFB mission.
  • Develop and maintain course curriculum, lesson plans, examinations, and verify instructional materials for technical accuracy.
  • Training include the following courses: Submarine Safety, Oxygen Cleanliness, Steam Plant Cleanliness, Precision Measuring, and Controlled Material Handler.