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Engineering Careers

Advance your career by working on the most advanced systems in the world. Portsmouth Naval Shipyard is the place for you whether you are an intern, entry level, mid level, or an experienced engineer.

Position Details
  • Requirements
    • ♦ U.S. Citizen

    • ♦ 18 years of age

    • ♦ Registered for Selective Service (males born after December 31, 1959)

    • ♦ Ability to pass a physical examination

    • ♦ Ability to acquire and maintain security clearance

    • Degree from accredited ABET institution

      • Note: The shipyard employs engineers from a variety of disciplines and fields. In many cases a particular engineering degree will qualify an individual for a number of positions at the shipyard. For example, a mechanical engineering degree may qualify an individual for jobs in the field of nuclear engineering, combat systems engineering or facilities engineering. A degree in civil engineering may qualify an individual for jobs in nuclear engineering, naval architecture or crane engineering.
Internships Program
Radiological Controls Office - Code 105
Occupational, Safety, Health & Environmental Office - Code 106
Laboratory - Code 134
Welding & Non-Destructive Testing Engineering - Code 138
Engineering and Planning Department - Code 200
Lifting & Handling Department - Code 710
Production Engineering and Facilities - Code 980
Nuclear Engineering and Planning Department - Code 2300