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Who We Are

The Naval Surface Warfare Center Dahlgren Division originally established itself as the major testing area for naval guns and ammunition. Today, it continues to provide the military with the development and integration of warfare systems for the warfighter, warfighting and the future fleet.

Our MISSION: Develop and deliver weapon systems to deter and defeat our adversaries.

Our VISION: No peers, no fear.

The division is headquartered at Dahlgren, VA, and provides Fleet support at the NSWC Dahlgren Division Dam Neck Activity, in Virginia Beach, VA, overlooking the Virginia Capes Fleet Operations Area.

NSWCDD conducts advance research in all systems-related areas and pursues scientific disciplines including physics, mathematics, directed energy and digital engineering, modeling and simulation, software, mechanical, electrical and systems engineering, to name a few.

Our Strategic Thrusts 

Technical Thrust 1: Integrated Combat Power
The goal of Integrated Combat Power is to achive a stronger, more unified, and highly connected Naval Force capable of outpacing our adversaries in the observe, orient, decide, and act cycle by enhancing our sensor, engagement and integrated combat system capabilities.

Technical Thrust 2: Hypersonic Weapon Systems
The goal of Hypersonic Weapon Systems is to develop, integrate, and deliver hypersonic warfighting and kill chain capabilities that enable access, deterrence, and domination of the surface warfare battlespace.

Technical Thrust 3: Intelligent Automation
The goal of Intelligent Automation is to develop and deliver solutions that overwhelm current and future adversary threats using autonomy, artificial intelligence (AI), and unmanned systems for next generation surface and expeditionary warfare, combat and weapon systems.

Dahlgren Proving Ground
The goal of the Dahlgren Proving Ground is to accelerate the delivery of combat-ready tools to the warfighter by seamlessly integrating digital and physical assets within NSWCDD, across the Navy and with other services into an agile and innovative hands-on RDT&E environment.


  • We conduct Hands-on Research, Development, Test and Evaluation (RDT&E)
  • We employ Modern Software Development Practices
  • We perform Mission/Systems Engineering utilizing Digital Engineering process
  • We employer a Highly Skilled Workforce