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Technical Capabilities
  • Chemical, Biological, and Radiological Warfare Defense Systems RDT&E
  • Directed Energy Systems RDT&E
  • Force and Surface Platform Level Warfare Systems Analysis and Modeling
  • Force Level Warfare Systems Engineering and Integration
  • Force Level Warfare Systems Interoperability Engineering
  • Human Systems Integration Science and Engineering
  • Integrated Surface Combat Control Systems Support
  • Integrated Training Systems
  • Joint Command and Control Systems Integration and Architecture Development
  • Marine Corps and Other Weaponry Systems RDT&E
  • Missile Systems Integration
  • National Response Missions, including Homeland Security and Defense
  • Physical and Non-Physical Vulnerability Analysis
  • Radar and Distribution Systems
  • Radar and Electro-Optic Systems RDT&E
  • Re-Entry Systems
  • Strategic Mission Planning, Targeting and Fire Control Systems
  • Surface Combat Control Systems S&T, RDT&E
  • Surface Combat Systems Engineering and Integration RDT&E
  • Surface Electronic Warfare Systems Architecture and Combat System Integration RDT&E
  • Surface Warfare Electronic Environmental Effects
  • Surface Warfare System and Force Level Certification/IV&V
  • Surface Warfare Systems Engineering and Integration RDT&E
  • Surface Warfare Systems Safety
  • Tactical Common Data Communications Systems Integration and Interoperability
  • Weapon Systems Analysis, Effects and Effectiveness
  • Weaponization of Surface and AIr Unmanned Systems