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Civilian and Military Support Center

Civilian and Military Personnel at Portsmouth Naval Shipyard enjoy a host of resources designed to support those who support the mission.

Employee Resource Groups
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     Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) are employee led, shipyard sponsored groups that focus on removing barriers for current and future shipyard employees. 

     ERGs use methods such as outreach events, training, employee development opportunities, and management involvement to accomplish this task. ERGs are completely voluntary and open to all shipyard employees, active duty military, and tenant commands. 

     ERGs have proven to help with employee engagement, developing future leaders, and creating a more diverse, inclusive workplace that aligns with mission goals.

Learn more about specific ERGs here. 

Fleet and Family Support Lighthouse Logo People sometimes encounter difficult situations or challenges in their lives and often benefit from programs and services that are available at their Fleet & Family Support Center.


Spoon and Fork

Base Food 


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The Chaplains, Religious Programs Specialists, and staff of the shipyard’s Religious Ministry Team (RMT) hope you will see us as a support system throughout your time aboard.


Moral Welfare and Recreation

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Navy MWR's mission is to deliver high-quality, customer-focused programs and services that contribute to resiliency, retention, readiness, and quality of life.

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