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manpower and training DEPARTMENT

Mission:  Provide direction and management of all command-level manpower, manning, training, and NAMTS functions for the command.

Vision:  Become a fast reacting, proactive, customer focused department by educating our customers and streamlining process and procedures under our control and influencing improvements in process and procedures not under our control.

Overview:  Provide advice to the CO, XO, ED, and DHs in the management and development of manpower, manning, training and NAMTS requirements to meet mission requirements such as program or policy changes to enhance efficiency, reduce costs, or improve customer service. Complete special projects and performs management surveys on issues of substantial scope and impact throughout the organization. 


what we do

Manpower and Awards Division

  • Manage both civilian and military command organization and manpower programs.
  • Maintain status of on-board military personnel, including prospective gains and losses, and maintains direct liaison with enlisted personnel detailers and placement officers.
  • Coordinate with the CMC and Department LCPOs to ensure incoming enlisted personnel are assigned to authorized billets.
  • Submit requests to higher authority for changes to the Activity Manpower Document and submit necessary manpower requests to accurately reflect changing requirements.
  • Manage the administrative functions of the Position Management Board program.
  • Coordinate the annual submission of the Defense Performance Management and Appraisal Program for the command.
  • Oversee the preparation and submission of all civilian Requests for Personnel Actions.
  • Manage the Commands Incentive Awards Program.
  • Manage commands civilian retirement program.  
  • Respond to higher level authority regarding manpower information and data calls for POM, specific studies, evaluations, reviews, and total force manpower information needs.
  • Ensure initial employee data entry and data maintenance for military and civilian personnel in the following programs: Trident Resource Management System (TRMS), Supplemental Administration Employee Management System and Total Workforce Management Services (TWMS).


Training Division

  • Manages Command Training and Workforce Development Programs.
  • Develop, implement, administer, and evaluate training programs to meet the command's training requirements.
  • Perform administrative and evaluative work concerning employee development and training of military and civilian employees.
  • Analyze command-level course evaluations and provide recommendations for improvement.
  • Conduct training needs assessments for current and future needs of the workforce.
  • Develop solutions and plan for training needs based on mission priorities and budget constraints of the command.
  • Prepare and submit requests for training (Standard Form 182) and obtain course quotas.
  • Develops the commands Long Range Training Plan.
  • Ensure appropriate civilian personnel training completion information is provided for input to the Defense Civilian Personnel Data System for training.
  • Administer special training programs, e.g., managerial, executive, civilian leadership development, and workforce development programs.
  • Maintain various systems associated with the training program, i.e., Automated Training Management System, Fleet Training Management and Planning System (FLTMPS), TRMS and TWMS.
  • Coordinate a monthly Planning Board for Training Council meeting to review all elements of the commands training program with command leadership and stakeholders.
  • Monitor completion of training on a quarterly basis. Ensure quarterly and yearly assessments of department training programs are conducted and reports findings to the XO and CO quarterly.


Navy Afloat Maintenance Training Strategy Division

  • Serve as the primary point of contact for all NAMTS related issues.
  • Ensure Sailors are trained in core maintenance skill areas as determined by higher authority.
  • Ensure Sailors are trained to a Job Qualification Requirement (JQR) standard.
  • Track eligible Sailors through the qualification process.
  • Ensure the proper Navy Enlisted Code (NEC) is awarded upon completion of the JQR program.
  • Conduct training needs assessments for current and future needs of the NAMTS program and manage and maintain the NAMTS Training Plan, and the overall NAMTS program.
  • Coordinate with the Manpower Divison, CMC, and NAMTS Area Coordinators to ensure incoming enlisted personnel are assigned appropriate JQR.
  • Submit requests and recommendations to higher authority for changes to various aspects of the NAMTS Program to reflect changing requirements.
  • Perform administrative and evaluative work concerning development and training of assigned military personnel.
  • Develop solutions and plans for training needs based on mission priorities and budget constraints of the program and the command.
  • Maintain various systems associated with the NAMTS training program, i.e., SharePoint database, Corporate Enterprise Training and Reporting System, JQR reviews, qualifier lists, United Service Military Apprenticeship Program. Conduct FLTMPS and TRMS reconciliation.
  • Take appropriate action to ensure that trainees demonstrate satisfactory progress before final qualification and submission for award of a NAMTS-skill NEC. Maintain program integrity.