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Performance Specifications   

List of CALS Standards/Performance Specifications
26 June 1997
Automated Interchange of Technical Information.
  • Revision C
    (PDF Document - 133 pages; size 640.7 KB)
30 September 1999
Digital Representation for Communication of Product Data: IGES Application Subsets and IGES Application Protocols.
2 May 1997
Markup Requirements and Generic Style Specification for Exchange of Text and its Presentation.
  • Revision C
    (PDF Document - 201 pages; size 798.8 KB)
30 June 1995
Application of MIL-PRF-28001 Using Standard Generalized Markup Language (SGML)
30 September 1997
Requirements for Raster Graphics Representations in Binary Format.
  • Revision C
    (PDF Document - 54 pages; size 184.1 KB)
30 April 2000
Digital Representation for Communication of Illustration Data: CGM Application Profile.

Information on the Web CGM technology is available from the World Wide Web Consortium (W3) (Web CGM Profile).

1 October 1995
Manuals, Interactive Electronic Technical: General Content, Style, Format, and User-Interaction Requirements
1 October 1995
Data Base, Revisable: Interactive Electronic Technical Manuals, For the Support Of
  • Revision A
    (PDF Document - 104 pages; size 460 KB)
  • Revision A Notice 1 - Validation
    (PDF Document - 1 page; size 3.6 KB)
  • 87269 DTD
  • fault model in 87269
  • Navigate MIL-PRF-87269 (IETMDB)
  • Graphical Tree Representation of MIL-PRF-87269 (IETMDB)
  • Amendment 1 to MIL-PRF-87269 (dated 21 April 1995)
EC/EDI Electronic Commerce is electronic business, while Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) is defined as the computer-to-computer exchange of business.
STEP The STEP (ISO 10303) Product Data Representation and Exchange standardization initiative covers computer-interpretable representation of product data, and its exchange.
20 August 1993
Contractor Integrated Technical Information Service (CITIS) -Contractor provided service for electronic access and/or delivery of contractually committed business and technical information on a need to know basis.