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Technology Transfer

In developing needed manufacturing technology for key acquisition platforms, Navy ManTech ensures implemented technologies are both producible and affordable. ManTech alone, however, cannot ensure implementation in a system. The EMTC coordinates with the relevant Navy and industry representatives to identify all requirements that must be met to ensure ManTech transition and to achieve implementation on the platform/weapon system and/or at an industrial/naval organic facility.

Industry takes technology available from the government and explores successful commercialization possibilities, for example, airbags from military gas generators. Government takes technology available from the private sector and applies it to energetics manufacturing, for example, pharmaceutical industry equipment modified to mix energetic material ingredients. Technology transfer provides the military products at lower costs with higher quality, greater reliability, and easier maintainability.

Sidewinder missile on cart shown on flight deck at sunset

Sidewinder missile on cart shown on flight deck at sunset.

F/A-18 aircraft on flight deck at night

F/A-18 aircraft on flight deck at night.

EMTC Contact Information

Lori A. Nock, EMTC Director

Joshua E. Morgan, Technical Project Manager

Mailing Address
Director, Navy Energetics ManTech Center
Department of the Navy
Code MT
3032 Strauss Avenue, Suite 106
Indian Head, MD 20640-5148