Commissioned in 1955 and provided a major upgrade in 1993, the Dodge Pond Acoustic Measurement Facility is the Navy's most modern open-water acoustic test and evaluation site. The facility is centrally located and fully staffed. The Dodge Pond Acoustic Measurement Facility combines an ease of access to all parts of central New England with quiet conditions (ambient noise less than sea state zero) Platform imagefor testing of all types of transducers, arrays, domes, baffles, towed line arrays, and other underwater electro-acoustic devices. The facility supports all types of research and development programs as well as the advancement and application of new underwater acoustic test equipment and methodology.

The Dodge Pond Acoustic Measurement Facility consists of a 133.5-square-kilometer (33-acre) pond, a 4-square-kilometer (1-acre) shore site, and a fully instrumented, environmentally controlled test platform. The platform is located at the end of a 91.4m (300 feet) long, 13,590kg (15 ton) weight limited, pontoon supported causeway.

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